Thursday, January 26, 2006


Sumething happened at this morning that makes me glimpse over thru my memory. Actually for the 1st class is Statistic (engineering math 4). The lecture juz spread out the paper of quiz that we'd done last weeks. She had announced that who do not write thier name his paper last weeks. I didnt take it seriously cause busy2 ah kat belakang cit cat. What the surprise just only I do not receive that paper quiz. I thought maybe the lecturer mistaking my paper. So after that class met and drawls her...

+sorry miss, I still do not get my paper yet u are the person who didnt named that paper

+ Sorry, my mistake
--nasib baik markah tinggi

(Anuar ) potong 10 markah miss

--ya, I suppose to deduct 10 marks
+my pleasure if you plus 2 mark for make me full mark, hehe

Note: Annuar = what I can see this person who put all desire, spirit and all life to study. Respect toing2 kat dia ni!!!!

Actually its make me remember one story that happened after PMR. "Acid tragedy". We got the PMR result during fasting month so to make a story after we get our results (truly sad I'm just got 7A).Acid ngn selamba kodoknyer smoking at the public as if celebrate our result (hey...I ain't smoking).Accidentally polis ntah coming from mana site ntah tiba2 cekop him. Because only him je yg smoking soo just he that the policemen bring up into their track pi balai.

Kat balai

+ pumping 20 kali
--Baik tuan

+ ni ape tak pose nie?
--tak larat tuan sbb berjalan jauh

+ ni datang dari mana ni?
--Dtg dari ambik result Tuan

(at the same time that police officer check file that bring by acid)

+ dapat semua A,ingatkan budak jahat tadi
--alhamdullilah Tuan,rezeki

+ abis tu kamu ingat boleh merokok la macamtu
--mintak maaf Tuan

+ ni nak kena bagi tau bapak kamu ni
--Tuan tolong la,Tuan boleh buat ape saja tapi jgn bagi tau bapak sy tuan,
Bapak sy uzur Tuan. Sy takut terjadi apa-apa kat dia.

Because of that result Acid release from balai without making a call to his father. Actually his father bukan uzur pun. The 1st day during we start our honeymoon year (form 4) for the 1st day, we all tergelak abih.

+ Acid,ko tak takut ke ayah ko betul2 sakit nanti
--**************** (sensor)

That make me think, how duniawi is had strikingly influenced almost for yourself perception.

For example

If I got bad result for that quiz do you think my lecturer will give me a warm smile? I think maybe she will said,
ish apa la kamu ni, nampak sangat kamu ni tak bersungguh2 jawap quiz nama pun xtulis.

Do you think that officer will consider to release Acid without another penyiksaan or at least call his father?
Ko ni ape nak jadi hah?dah la result teruk pastu jahat nak mampos plak..

P/s: actually I'm not very (x3) clever student...wink~. But still can manage my study yet. Hope does not sangkut2...


Tadi got the form for register as a member of IEM (Institution Engineering Malaysia). I still dunno what exactly of benefit to register as their member at this time, have no idea. But from briefing they assure that we can get the magazines and our name can be listed at their institution...still blurr...

But if I dun not gonna register rite now, later I've to register gak coz camne nak keje nanti...for me it is just a stepping stone to get title "IR"

Actually there have 3 forms, one of IEM, another 2 from automotive and international (American) form. But I just get IEM once coz it only cost RM 20 for registration. For international form come around 25 dollars. Have no money yet!!! Lagipon lebey kuhang same jekkk faedah dia...

Sunday, January 22, 2006


I'm feeling that I'd done pretty well for my presentation on yesterday evening about heat exchanger. Seriously I never look on my text speech, I can't believe all come spontaneous at that moment. But lil'bit regret coz my topic actually so simple, so it means my contents also not really expands.

Here is some part of my slide presentation...i am juz compress it coz my slides too long

What do you know about heat exchanger??
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A heat exchanger is a device built for efficient heat transfer from one fluid to another, whether the fluids are separated by a solid wall so that they never mix or the fluids are not directly contacted.

1 To enrich knowledge and deliver the information about heat exchanger
2 To know how thermodynamic concept is applied in heat exchanger

Why heat exchanger is needed in our life and in industrial?

For example
In car it's have engine that produce heat that caused temperature to rise. It will make the engine cannot operate in highest efficiency. That why we use radiator.. Other types of heat exchangers are common in everyday equipment such as boilers, furnaces, refrigerators and air conditioning systems.

1 One of flows in the inner pipe and the other in the annular space between two pipes.
2 Heat is transferred from the hot fluid to the cold one thru the wall separating them
3 Sometimes the inner tube makes a couple of turns inside the shell to increase the heat transfer area, and thus the rate of heat transfer.

The first law
The energy can be neither created nor destroyed. It can only change forms.

The net change( increase or decrease) in the total energy of the system during a process equal to the difference between the total energy entering and the total energy leaving the system during that process

E in -E out= ∆ E system

since E system=0
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Type of heat exchanger

Shell and tube
shell and tube heat exchanger which consists of a series of tubes, through which one of the fluids runs. The second fluid runs over the other tubes to be heated or cooled.
Image hosting by Photobucket

plate heat exchanger.
1 It directs flow through tube so that the fluids are separated by plates with very large surface area.
2 more efficient
Image hosting by Photobucket

Usage of heat exchanger in industries.

They are widely used in refrigeration, air conditioning, space heating, power production, and chemical processing. One common example of a heat exchanger is the radiator in a car, in which the hot radiator fluid is cooled by the flow of air over the radiator surface

Thursday, January 19, 2006

busy and terus busy yeh!!!

I'm truly quite busy dis week starts from Wednesday until Saturday. Without any assignment I'd still have to manage my presentation about "Heat Exchanger" that will be present to audience this Saturday evening, we (Ad and me) had try to postpone this presentation bcoz Ad have "lawatan industri" at the same day but Mr Gun do not give permission. Sad but this moment really messy and hectic to find out the material that we will present, I thought it's not unfair to us because other pairs have 2 or 3 weeks to be prepare. Why must us to be first group??

Yesterday we have meeting with Mr. Mahadzir about pilot program, he is our instructor in doing this program. We suddenly change the project at last minute from molding to CNC. Seriously I'm not technician person, I'm truly seems likely theoretical person with playing with figure and equation but to be successful I've to learn and involve to this program. After that meeting (actually during meeting) blom and din call me to hurry up to get them at car park. I've had promise them that the meeting would be end as fast as possible, bet them it would take 10 or 15 minutes duration. But do not suppose it would take almost 30 minutes, gosh!!! So without further ado I'm stride up to get them without back to hostel first and luckily I'd wore T-shirt early inside of my kemeja. Dat was almost 3pm when we pulled into town. For the first of all for sure went to bank coz there blom, razali and me have a business, hehe...aku as usually "debit"kan lagi my account, blom change his bank card and razali deposited some cash money.

Then we all turun mall jap, spent a lot of time hanging out there, din spent RM200 for his computer's gadget. He always like that, obsesses into gadget mostly. And aku plak as "wardrobe ghost" had cop pair of shoes and T shirt after hemmed and hawed for lil' moment (if my mak tahu,there will go her killer sentence "buat apa la baju banyak2,aritu baru je cik belikan"), I don't know but I'm mostly and always attract to wardrobe especially shirt. Yer la nak cakap aku suka kat h-set tak la plak coz I never change my h-set, 1st h-set my mak belikan,2nd my mak gak yg tukarkan and insyaalah yg 3rd my sister-in-law nak kasik. If wanna connect me into computer gadget, I'm still use old mouse, RAM never ever upgrade, earphone still use my walkman's earphone. TV card never purpose to. There I am looking for new MP3 around RM200 coz tu jek yg mampu. Never thought to buy above than that price, maybe I'll get it 1 or 2 weeks soon, nak kumpul duit dulu. And after that lepak-ed at KFC for a moment nak ma-mum. Seyesly, it think no people do this, we bought some meal at Mc'D and some meal at KFC but ate at KFC!! Semua salah blom, he won't eat burger and unlucky ayam kat Mc'D tiba2 not available so we juz bought Sundae and hunk of onion ring. Went to KFC got some meal and makan kat sana. The counter's KFC pandang2 jek kat my sundae (fo'shezzy she's wonder masa bila plak company dia provide free sundae kat their costumer). We don't care lagipon we all bayar taxes ape for both and who's care… After at all we went into masjid and prayer our Maghrib there and tried to meet the management of that masjid to make appoiment to our II project. Unlucky the one kariah (I think he seems often prayer at this masjid) inform to us to come again in office time because the pejabat already close. It was almost 10pm when we pulled into campus parking lot.

Itu sajerrr laporan kali ini. Roger n out!!!
sooo many things have to do. God plz and always bless me to do and complete my task successfully. Okay gotta fly~

Saturday, January 14, 2006


Fuck Off!! Fuck off!!!
That all...
It's gonna be totally hazardous day when you have to spend the whole juz only for find out why your laptop seems do not working properly. All file seems like fixed 2gether and my "MyDocument" ter exposed to anotha computer. Luckily, in that file juz have notes and assignments because all my "prosperities" I'd save on D and E's files. I'd try to scan that viral with Antivir Guard (Payung anti virus) but it can not detect any object. Then try lak guna kasrpersky but same result. Tak bley pakai betul anti-virus ni!!!! At the moment I'm just waiting my friend back from outing, he have Norton anti Virus's set up, I'm juz following the suggestion by my friends, he said Norton can detect this asshole viral. This virus is more danger compare to Warm because my friend before this infected by warm and still infected until now. No format2!!! So as conclusion if your computer infected my Warm is not going to kacau sgt your system, even you can ternak them and separate that viral into your friends.

I think I got this viral coz I share my network place. It might be happened coz my friend using my computer couple day ago trying to copy "Citer Korea" from another computer (gal's computer, if I get know this gal, siap la). You know la gal, they all nie take for grated jek dlm hal2 necessary computer ni.

Okay to all gal-gal sekalian, here I wanna share how to protect your computer from asshole viral.nothing to be ashamed really.

Jangan senarai diri anda
Setelah anda melayari internet anda dan jika anda akan meninggalkan PC anda buat sementara pastikan yang anda telah memutuskan pelayar web anda dengan sejarah pelayaran anda tadi. Senarai History IE adalah senarai laman-laman web yang telah anda lawati. Ia merupakan satu kaedah mudah untuk mendapatkan semula laman web yang pernah anda lawati tanpa menggunakan Favorites. Anda boleh mendapatkan laman-laman yang anda lawati sebelum ini menerusi Address Bar dan History akan menyenaraikan URL yang pernah anda lawati.Fail History merupakan sebuah senjata serampang dua mata. Klik Tools, Internet Options, dan Clear History untuk membuangkan segala senarai laman-laman web yang telah anda lawati. Cara ini juga akan membuang senarai URL pada Address Bar. Anda boleh menukar jumlah hari atau jangkamasa URL boleh disimpan dalam History. Kurangkan jumlah hari untuk memendekkan jangka hayat URL dan tingkatkan jumlah hari untuk memanjangkan jangka hayat URL. Jika anda mahu membaca fail History, klik Start, Find dan Files Or Folders. Taipkan History dalam medan Named. Dalam Look In, klik Local Hard Drives. Klik Find Now. Anda akan dapat mencari fail History file dalam C:WINDOWSHISTORY. Membuang bahagian tertentu dalam folder ini idak akan membuangkan sebarang maklumat yang terdapat pada Address Bar. Satu lagi cara yang baik ialah untuk membuangkan cache IE atau fail Temporary Internet. IE dan pelayar web lain akan menyimpan salinan laman, foto dan grafik dalam folder berikut C:WINDOWSTEMPORARY INTERNET FILES semasa anda layari web. Jika anda tidak ia akan menyalin semua kandungan laman-laman web yang pernah anda kunjungi atau setiap kali anda kunjungi. Pada Internet Options General tab, klik Delete Files dan OK.

Bersihkan jejak anda
Kebanyakan laman web meletakkan fail kecil yang dinamakan cookies ke dalam PC anda. Cookies biasanya membantu laman web untuk mengingati anda dan sebarang spesifikasi peribadi anda semasa anda melayari laman web tertentu. Sesiapa sahaja boleh mencari sebarang maklumat atau sejarah pelayaran web anda jika mereka pergi ke C:WINDOWSCOOKIES atau C:WINDOWSTEMPORARY INTERNET FILES. Anda boleh membuang sebarang cookies daripada folder anda satu-persatu. Cara yang mudah adalah untuk menutup ruang untuk cookies semasa anda melayari web. Pada Internet Options, pilih Security dan Custom Level, pergi ke Cookies dan klik Disable pada semua yang berkaitan dengan cookies. Petua-petua ini adalah untuk pengguna di rumah sahaja. Jika anda menggunakan komputer di pejabat pastikan yang rangkaian anda telah mempunyai polisi rangkaian yang baik. Kini dengan pelbagai ancaman daripada dunia luar seperti internet, syarikat hendaklah pastikan bahawa rangkaian mereka selamat dan tidak bervirus!" "

And remember to all guys; please don't ever try sharing your network places with gal!!!for ur own sake!!!woo ya?

I love my Norton!!!

P/s: until now I still waiting my friend...can't wait anymore!!!!wanna re-install My Window...i cant put this off any longer.

Sunday, January 08, 2006


In the slanting afternoon,
I'm just sitting behind my window,
Because rainy day, hehehe....

I ain't goin to back to my kg even I got 5 days holiday for Hari Raya Korban bcoz da time between dis holidae with Chinese New Year's holidae just around 2 weeks.I'm gonna spend my money for back on Chinese New Year. Besides, for cuti Hari Raya Korban last year pun I didn't back home and it seem likely ought to gonna be hatric for nex year!!!

Since last week I'm soooo busy with class and all project proposals should be submit on time. My biggest project for this sem I think Islamic Institution. My project about management of Masjid Institution, although it is not a gempak title but with all time schedule is pack, what else I can say, pretty thoroughly!!! Lagi pon that subject is not my hardcore subject, it's just elective subject. Now I just waiting for my 2nd proposal that I'd submit last jumaat whether my proposal about Heat Exchanger will Mr. Gun have approve it or not. That is a pair work between me and Ad. Hopefully that proposal gonna be approved coz I think that is interesting term to discuss. Heat Exchanger used in various field in industrial. Form the making of paper thru the engine and machine, even refrigerator also need Heat Exchanger to cool its system.

Looking forward for pilot program~ molding


Few days ago Dr. Mahathir and Tengku Mahalel had sent their open letter to Utusan Malaysia to persuade management of Proton give a reason why they sell their equity in MV Agusta. Maybe some people a bit irk by the letter. Dr. Mahathir and Tengku Mahalel are the persons who responsible buy MV Agusta (70 million of euro). But when the new CEO take over in Proton, the management juz jual semua benda tu only worth 1 euro!!!!! Unacceptable hah??? I don't know how they get their degree (BA) in business as if they do not see how the buyer already make a profit only with 1 euro. They should involve in the world market, selecting a strategy means, optimizing a set of specified alternatives on the basis of an evaluation of their relative value and the probability of their possible consequences.

I'm not business person but when we goes into engineering and technology part, after a couple of days after that MV Agusta had announced their new M.V. Agusta F4 1000 Tamburini (super bike) is the best super bike in the world.See!!!they(Dr.Mahathir n Tengku Mahalel) buy MV Agusta is not juz for suka2 but for learn and improve our technology...u think do the Proton have capability to produce Mechampro Engine without involving from Lotus?? Betcha...dey don't.

Kalo nak ckp pasal kerugian Rolls Royce, Bentley, Skoda, Lamborghini, Aston Martin semua penah rugi.
Seriously for me proton lost their profit not because MV Agusta but bcoz terlampau berlambak kete import that sold in available price. Having said all that, I just gonna say AP problem yah!!!

70+26.87= 96.87 million of euro = total cost
The profit is just only one euro.

Monday, January 02, 2006


Dr. Yousuf Al-Qaradhawi: We use trains and planes, but they are not our trains or planes. The (Westerners) manufacture them and export them to us. True, we can buy the most magnificent things in the world products for our homes and for ourselves. Our people can buy the most luxurious cars, Rolls-Royce or Mercedes 500 or 700, models S, M, and L with all the luxuries. We own them, but we don't manufacture them. We don't even produce a single nail in any of these cars. Others do this for us.
The income of the entire Arab world, including the oil-producing countries, does not reach the that of a European country, such as Spain. Spain let alone Germany, France, Britain, or Italy. Just Spain, which is at the bottom of the list of industrial countries... The income of the entire Arab world does not reach it. How come? Because we don't work, and if we do work, we don't do it professionally.
They conducted a survey of the average time that a government employee spends working in a certain Arab country. The average was 27 minutes a day. 27 minutes! The rest of the time he drinks coffee, reads newspapers, and goes on errands here and there. Only a small number of people work. The rest do not.
In the mid 1970s I went to Germany. We arrived during in the morning. I asked the guy who took me from the airport to the convention hall As I was passing through the empty streets, I asked him how come the streets were not busy, like in our countries. He said: "People are at work." After 7 p.m. he took me back to the hotel, and the streets were empty. I said to him: "What's going on, the streets are empty again." He said: people are back home from work, and they are exhausted. All they want is to eat their dinner, watch the news, and then go to bed, because early next morning they have to wake up for hard work. They commute more than an hour to work and back, and spend an hour at lunch. They work non-stop.
We are a nation that doesn't work. How can we develop if we don't work? When we do work, we don't do it professionally. We keep saying "Don't worry, later, later " Islam teaches us to do things professionally. Doing things professionally is a religious duty. The Prophet said that Allah ordered to excel in everyhting. He imposed excellence and professionalism. Professionalism must be followed in everything. "If you kill, do it properly, and if you slaughter, do it properly." Even when killing, you must do well.
Unfortunately, we do not excel in either military or civil industries. We import everything from needles to missiles. This is our nation. We still haven't manufactured an engine in our Arab countries. We assemble parts, but have no manufacturing industries. India has manufactured a car, and even a plane, while we still go around in circles like a bull in who turns a grinding mill or a water weal until it reaches exactly where it started.
How come the Zionist gang has managed to be superior to us, despite being so few? It has become superior through knowledge, through technology, and through strength. It ahs become superior to us through work. We had the desert before our eyes but we didn't do anything with it. When they took over, they turned it into a green oasis. How can a nation that does not work progress? How can it grow?