Monday, February 27, 2006

GooD NitE N GooD TuESDaY

Finally we move on into first step in doin our 3I project. Yesterday Jeddy,Blom,Din and I'd went to masjid and try to collect all information we needed n 2nd to make a appointment about management of Masjid institution.

2.00 pm-still in the campus,waiting for Blom dat has a fluid's quiz while Im finish my makan. Actually when I walk through HEA office met a akak cafe, im quite familiar wit her n at dat time she'd clean up the dining room at HEA and invited me to finish up the remains of meal.

2.30- pulled over into masjid

3.00- arrived at masjid and mingle around

3.15- reach at receptionist and met someone called En. Zul. He told me that they need to know what information that we are looking for. SHIT!!! We dint bring it. Actually last nite Im asked AAAAA to type that answer,mmg xbley harap betul dia ni. I wonder how he could be in this 4th semester, he dun not deserve to be sophomore I thought. Blom call and ask him to type and bring that question and this KLUTZ as usually come out wi far-fetched reason. Nak aje aku aku ambik hset tu ckp "ok we will do this assignment n I'll make sure u're name we will kick out of the list". Man u gotta watch ur attitude coz im seems started hate u at dis time.

3.30- finally we make decision to type n print the question at CC.

4.30- we are submit that question tyme Azan Asar and make a messy business with them. Fortunately my PR is superb (puji diri sendiri,hehe). At the last they are given us 2 inches information about their institutions and give a phone no. to make an appointment. Wut was more they (staff) help us more. Then terus jek solat Asar kat masjid tu.

5.00- singgah kat The Store and had bought some junk food and cop new DVD,Good nite n Good luck.(cam hampeh citer ni)

7.00- finally we are pulled into campus's parking lot.

8.30- 9.30- lepak-ed at cafe with Freddy, Ah Seng and Maung,take my dinner nasi ayam sambil tgk berita.

10.30- my head feel so paain and im went to zzzz

11.30- suddently woke up from sleeping,im truly soo angry coz someone main2 mcall,seyesly rasa cam nak campak jek hset. Too headache and my body truly hot then take 2 tablets of Panadol. ZZZZZZ....


10.30- woke up lil'bit ah late n suddenly got blooding nose as well as my hot body and headache still exists. This pain have all been too much Take a shower to try to cool down the temperature. In thermodynamics Principe heat can transfer, so when I take shower Q out is higher than Q in( ntah ape aku merepek ni,hehe). Pastu makan n ZZZZZZ....Think I will miss my tutorial math class.

GooD TueSday

Im otta here....zzzzz

Friday, February 24, 2006


I'm felt sooo tired...
i dunno y....?
This is juz after presentation class...
Saturday nite...
3 sessions...
Wednesday,thursday n Saturday nite....
But I got the 1st Wednesday...
So I juz pretend like wacko tonite...
Dunno whether I make a happening class...
Or I juz ruin it at all...
But I can see there a lot of smiles...
So I guess I'm soo plz being there....

Some one asks me...
Wut kinda galz that im looking for...
Seriously rite now I do not find yet...
I've no idea about that...
Same thing when some one asks me...
Wut would I'll become 10 yrs later...
Still the same ansewr don't have any idea...
But for the 1st question I juz can aswer...


I did well my presentation last Wednesday...
All come out spontaneously...
My lecturer juz said certain part is too many
Actually that time I try find out my point...

This Sunday sport carnival...

Still not really sure if I wanna join basketball game...
Coz I didn't play almost a year...
But if I dun not play they ask me to
jaga air...
Either or become as photographer...

I think better jaga air compare to anotha one...
Coz bley minum n makes a joke there...
More over I don want team with shah(same name with me)..
Coz I'd already have experience with him...

Later I'll upload ma presentation pic...

N currently my habit when a clock at 11pm...
Play guitar n play guitar
Until Im getting tire...

p/s: plz read with the rite intonation like sound when u'r soo sleepy...

Saturday, February 18, 2006


got it from kak nak xnak try to answer completely.......

4 jobs:
1)hampir terkerja kat econsave klang
2)hampir terkerja sbg ass.supervisor store
3)hampir terkerja sbg kuli ngn abg sendirik
4)bln 4 ni akn hampir terkerja kat vendor Proton

4 movies:
1)suma movie yg ade george clooney
2)suma yg ada bratt pit

3) suma yg ade johnny depp
4)suma yg ade Leonardo Dicaprio

4 places i have lived:
1)Hospital besar masa baru lahir
4)Hostel, hostel n hostel….(bila la nak bermukim kat hotel plak aku ni)

4 tv shows i love to watch:
1) Bulliten Utama (live show)
2)Prison Break season 1
3) kalo EPL tu kira tv shows gak ke??
4) the apprentice season 1

4 places i've been on vacation:
1) Bilik aku
2) ruang tamu
3) plg jauh pun pi dapur
4) toilet kdg2,hehe4 blogs i visit daily.

Sker tengok blog2 yg menarik..
4)blog/blok C3 303

4 of my favourite foods:
1)Nasi pataya yg banyak unggas2 kat dlm dia (sotong ngn ayam,hehe)
2) Yogurt
3) cokolat
4) buah2an segar yg baru dipetik dari ladang tanpa menggunakan racun serangga (I don care spot on my apple plz leave me a bird n bees, lyrics lagu plak)

4 places i'd rather be:

4 albums i cant live without:
1) Gun n roses (tapi dah ilang,so I still can live without this)
2) Eminen 1st album(ilang gak)
3) 4U2C (album 1st skali,mak yg belikan-ilang gak)
4)last2 suma ilang burn semua lagu,xpayah nak beli2 lagi….hehe

4 vehicles i owned:
1) Porches 911 carrera model
2) BMW 6 series
3) Ducati
4) lamborghini
(semua di atas hanya di dlm khayalan semata-mata~ma dream car!!!cayo2x!!!!!)

So i wanna pass tis virus to the following peeps:
1)barang siapa yg terbaca virus ni hendaklah dijawap dan diedarkan
2) anak menteri kewangan Georgia tidur 24 jam kerana mengabaikan virus ini.
3) anak seorg usahawan pakistan terkencing sewaktu tido krn menganggap virus ini menipu.
4)jgn sambung jika xsudi

Wednesday, February 15, 2006


quite long times dun not jolt down a new n3 at here.relax at all after always busy this n busy that suffered wi'all test n couple of esement b4 this.My performance in this current test juz so2. some papers are good n de otherwise are not really good but if setakat nak dapat half of 100% think still relevant.

Fluids 2- im positive 2get 100% for this paper. Seem likely i can answer all question. 2 of them i'd done in exercise. Just 1 question i've to make assumption.

Thermo 2- this is the tough one,even there are juz 2 question but i could't devine or assume which one will come out(the probability too big). After test we have some disscussion and all come out wi' diff answer. 50%-50% my chance. Hopefully got some luck teher.

Math(static)- hopefully i could get 80% n above

Instrument- ArGHH!!!even i can't answer at all but....God plz help me.Chance 70%.

OSJHA- suma kena hafal. But thankz to Faiq n his gf Ed coz gimme the "nota kaki" or as known as "toyol",hehe....all had cheated accept suparman,annuar n jawi.

Evendo quite busy wi'test but still cilok masa nonton Buli Balik. Act wake up pretty late dat morning but still got the spirit to watch tahat movie. Go into bilik Azhar, sound him to lil'bit fast coz i know a ticket will gonna be sell out. Then rush into bathroom take ashower. But soon as shower is over n after grooming myself pi balik bilik Azhar..WTF he's still lepak watching Ungu Violet"s VCD,much to my chagrin sound direct make him more quick.
we both turun skali ngn BMI's group wi' their all skool car (the car lil'bit-ah like duck's hazard car.hehe) b4 twon mall.dropped at shell pekena kopok lekor ngn goheng pisang. Then we all separated coz they have their own paln n we juz paln go to GSC. But after we are reached at counter,mak datuk!!!!too long,can wait anymore so kitaorg juz pesan kat sorg brader yg bawak awek for buy our ticket.

*tipz-for guyz only, if u go to cinema but the Q too long,juz look up a guy belong 2gether wi' his gf,reach at him and asking his favor to buy a ticket.Bet...he's willing wi'out any question. A men's gotta do wut men's gotta do.

But pretty sad bcoz we got row depannn sakali, asked again the counter whether they r provide free pillow or not (huahua...make a joke tym crowded,silap2 we both can take afdlin's roll after this,hehe!!!)
honestly,this is the 1st malay movie i'd ever watch at cinema. Berbaloi,xrigu coz truly great movie. The starting quite lembab but after that the movie flown into amusing part until the last, Half of that movie we juz sat at the back stair b4 luckily we got 2 places at the back row. Afdlin plays asa a embotter men that trying take a revenge on his past time bully boy.

aFter that we are mingled around for window shopping bcoz azhar gonna buy a new pair shoes for futsal. Wut else i could write, Azhar seems pretend like women when he goes into shopping,punyallah lama!!!after enter one stall into anotha stall still do not get his type. He couldnt figure out wut exactly he wants. At last pulled over into Giant, he got 2 pairs of soxs but still do not get his shoes yet. i got a new un-sleeved T-shirt n short. After at all,we back into campus n trus BMI'gang ajak main futsal. Wi'out futher ado,change our clothes paly futsal n i got a tear at knee n elbow as a gift coz tyme tu xsemayang asar lg. MMg pedih tym mandi,huhuhu....

Juz b4 chatting wi cae,2morro he gonna go to Dortmand for visit his buddies there. He told me mayb he will back 2 malaysia nex summer coz nak ambik lesen kete katanya......sedernyerr!!!!Member2 lain suma futher study oversea,aku plak ngn result yg cukup2 makan ni juz terima tawaran dr Matrik KPM ngn Matrik Kejuruteraan UTM je...but at dat time i've had make decision to stay at Matrik KPM jek.....

that all,xlarat nak tulis lagi,pain with fever....the headache,flu and throat infection all come out together as a package.The happiness after test is completely washout after all. i rely on "Dr.Zie" to gimme the best treatmenat,hehee....

~i dont know wut i'd wrote above~main tulis jek~gotta fly~