Tuesday, March 28, 2006

ToDaE's StOrY

Holla, todae wanna continue talkabout our native language. Okay wi'out much ado let's start with as if 2 Malaya Hero that seem to be outstandin person in conducting to enhance n enrich as well as defending Bahasa Melayu. Wonder how long dae took a time to do the dat thing, why now. Maybe years ago their "mursyid" does not allow 'em or it might be they scared to their "mursyid" who's trying to pomote English to Malaysian on a reason as globalization. Then howa can see one by one stand and talk da same way, starting with Director of DBP who deliver a message how ther have 4 enemies people against BAHASA MELAYU(utusan newspaper). Of coz la the most popular CEO in Malaysia wanna "capap" too with change slogan sureheboh to jomheboh, but Imma still waiting when la 8tv gonna change their style. Apparently, government TV oso do the same way from infotainment to inforia (sorry if I aint mistaken), SURPRISE!!!(mayb april fool kot) year ago told public that infotainment is correct n follow da tatabahasa rule,apsal mau tukar lg??huhu...all gonna be change. Butya, swasta nak ke peduli semua ni?? For me if we want to change it,therrr must followed by a force n rule dat all business should do in BAHASA like banking/financial, law/court system, all drafts/proposal/report, and name of place or premises frankly speaking everywhere, anywhere or any situations should use Bahasa. No place to anotha. if we can do it too good to be true...

lyrics-warisan's song

Kita sudah tiada masa,
Bangunlah dengan gagah perkasa,
Janganlah terlalai teruskan usaha,
Melayu kan gagah di nusantara

Todae story

Hehe, actually it's no interestin to tellya. Butdae evenin I'd lab session,my experiment is about energy, how to calculate energy in food with bomb calorimeter. U know guyz I didn't touch a lab tool/machine quite long time, betcha almost a yearr so its feel kinky to hold and do experiment but luckily our instructor/ supervisor sempoi, sape lg if not our post graduate student,hehe. My group members are nana, anuar, sound box, yus,wong pok Leong and anuar.

Frankly, this experiment is pretty simple, no need to wet your armpit. All machinery or tools in digital so quite easii to calibrate and get a true reading.

The Apparatus

a) A bomb or vessel : it where the combustible charge can be burned
b) A bucket container
c) An insulting jacket
d) A thermometer: totally in digital
e) Pellet press
f) Oxygen tank

And our sample is biskut Jacob kering,hehe...

The gross head combustion,Hg can be calculated using formula of

Hg= (TW-e1-e2-e3)/m

T=temperature rise/diff
W= 2428.4194 cal per C
e1= correction in calories for heat of formation of HNO3
e3= correctin in calories for heat of combustion of fuse wire
e2 correction in calories for head of formation of sulphuric acic
m= mass of sample (biskut Jacob kering,huhu)

p/s: terasa cam budak technology makanan lak,hehe

evening( nope slanting evening and not yet maghrib) is futsal time lately, but too chunky coz too crowda ppl in one court, but gasak la... suddenly Fidelia lalu, makaihhhh, too bootylicious for me babeh, most eyes follow her step. Peh, she's likely make my peepee agogo,hehe

Friday, March 24, 2006

BaHaSa Oh BaHaSa

Hye...after for awhile dun not jolt down here coz of busy throughout with stirling engine project, 3I assignment and math test. Like usual got nothing related title with the whole n3 after all, so juz bear it. I'm gonna write watz a thing dat glimpse thruu my mind. Go on.

When I'm starting to talk about this week of coz it would touch a-bout my project- stirling engine. Actually it does spend my whole 2 weeks n at de end the result is helpless. Late morning my group shown our engine performance to our lecturer and unlucky the DEAN PM Rosli be there. GOSH!! Seyesly so so so shamelessly bcoz the engine can not running properly, not run at all!!! At the moment in my mind just think wut actually he (PM Rosli) expects from us?? Can you imagine how tired we r do tis project till 3 am last nite sampai aku tersengguk2 tgk razali terkebil2 tie the wires. Wut I can say the piston is ****shit. Tooo loose, so da pressure dunnot able to push the piston up at all. Afterall just 3 groups could run the engine, rest of all are failed. We only get 3.5/10. Hopefully the lecturer can consider the probability successful is less than a failure.

Bahasa OH Bahasa

The dramatically about language issues seem likely make person puke out!! It's doesn't matter whether it's from the opponent or government. Nowadaes bahasa rojak is apart of our life, easiii to find out people who gonna speak wi' dwi or multi-dialect.

From politician to professional until to artist all gonna talk in english evendo they had asked by question in malay. Those people have poor English but dae try hard to speak in English even dae use SINGLISH (like Phua Chu kang) or MANGLISH (like me maybe). Dun kno why but seem have somer people up there force and try encourage Malaysian to learn and speak English. In our mindset If ya dunnot know how 3 speak ya will categorized as "lower class","kampong"or "conservative" or wutteva dae like to call. Soo if u dun want people (whom called theirself "URBAN" ppl) look underestimate u,ya should "English" urself dude.whaddaya think guyz??

Still remember when I was in primary, I'm kinda pupils who'd gotcha lowest mark for English subject. I ain't stupid but when Sir Sunder (now MA) asks me to improve ma English, I said back "we are Malaysian, what for we learn English?"I got the wrong!!! If ya r poor in English you cant hold your degree (student should get at least band 3 in MUET test). If ya wana work, 1st qualification is you can speak in english and watz gonna worse too is ya have to able to speak mandarin. I think that whya for semester 5th I’ll gonna learns mandarin, semester 6th germany bcoz therrr no place for BAHASA MELAYU. Nothing to change until we "CHANGE" it babe...

Monday, March 20, 2006


No!!!!! Can't believe!!! Last nite at cafe suddenly Linda told me, I am looked so thinness. I thought she juz make a joke. Am i?? This morning when I'd groomed (ayo xde hari ni,huhu) for the 1st class today, put my shirt and I'm felt so longgar,whaya?? Then ppl outside told me the same thing. Wut the bloody hell!!!

So I'm trying look at myself at mirror, actually I kinda person dat still can live without mirror at all but this tyme I have had surrender, I NEED a mirror at the moment. I'd tried checking my face and body(hensom wut!! still make any gal go gaga wut!!),no!!!!...confess look ridiculous. My cheekbone had appeared immensely. Ironically I'd lost my weight, less protein and carbohydrate. Almost 1 week I didn't touch nasik and meat mean the substances of carbohydrate and protein are less in my body. Hampir2 nak kena anorexia ni,hehe...nak pergi klinik ambik vitamin!!!!

p/s: goverment transfer 4.4 million of hinggit for petrol subsidy to enhance the quality of public transport. when i read newpaper this morning "SCOMI Group Bhd is believed to have won a contract worth as much as RM50 million from KTM Bhd". like everyboood guess.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

CaNcEL (****)

holla...my industrial visiting 2morro had been cancelled cuz someone is broke it down. STUPID!!!!! Imma sooo sympathy to Adan, he does his best in conductin in this project, but when the name had been listed n someone in the club didn't satisfied bout it and assault Adan. Finale wut the h**l da MR.PRESIDENT suddenly took n in charge this visit. Adan had resigned from this project, n aku plak xkan la xnak back up member sendiri, n almost of ours had resigned dropped our name too.

Ma final exam is juz comaround 1 month only, so no more lepak2-ah. I should concentrate and more focus start from now.it's da rite tyme to spit out the rocket.

Thank Good almost 1 week I got fever n now it seems gonna be ok juz remains of coughing(but still "cair" gak when someone offer eskrem). My room is truly smelled like medicine rite now. On my table abundant supply of cough medicine, paracetamol, lozenges, aventis (dah cam farmasi lak). At the moment it seem likely my virus is transferred and spreaded to anotha ppl... Fizi,ustaz, my junior reza, booolat,ishay, juan and bla bla kena demam gak.

gotcha new from alang, seyesly i feel sorry for herr, she done very well in pmr but when it turns into spm she's lost. she had mention with her result like that to diff to get Matrik. now she does oni hope to University for diploma n she refuse to take f6. i don want to tell her u shld do dis n dont do dat coz for her own sake. that is her own life, so she have to face n make it on her own wayz.

Tat all, nak lepak2 tonite with watch EPL, lepaking at Lembu room, haaaa gotta go pasar malam, I wanna cop tempura and mango fruit ice blended from Ameng's stall,as sedap as my taste....my stall?? Cancelled coz everybuud are busy + DOMAM.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

ErM n SpM

I juz woke up from fever, it's really hard when you gets fever and test at da same time. I make revision and do the exercise on my bad. Seyesly it is the hard time moreover you hav to face da tough paper like thermodynamics 2. it couldn't be simply when u attend the test with fever, cough, flu in air-conditioned place.

Lucky during that test, I got some helping from 2 people that become observer that test. These 2 actually post graduate student and part time tutor and supervisor for my lab. So during the test oni me tat alwaz rise up my hand and ask the question. Lantaklah..but I really appreciate these both guyz. After test I felt wanna fall down cuz I got wrong concept for the 1st question. Argh!!!!! But I really hope this test I'll get 10/15.

Thanks to faiq and Adan coz understand me n dey do our lab report without involvement from me and Ad. This is one of the advantages we work as a team. If one of a group member gets health problem or busy doing something else you can rely on to other. I'm asks them the favor to not involve in this report but promise I'll make the becoming report later.

I think it is not really late to congrads to all SPM candidates last yez with their result. For those people who did nat get good result, SPM is nothing, it is just a lil'bit part of yar life. Therrr is more than just passing exams. Life must be goin on FISH. Until now still do not get any new from alang about her result, aritu she called me and I guess she wanna tell me about her result but at tat tyme tarak daya nak angkat tepon.

To zie, tahniah coz dpt result bagus, nasib baik I pasang spy(sneakin n leakin),huhu..

Sunday, March 12, 2006

PetRoL n SeMinAR

PeTrOl/GaS or Wuttt ever
Increasing the price of petrol by 30 sen per liter it's more meaningfool to marhain ppl, yesterdae I went to barbershop n cut my hair n I'd been charged 10 ringgit instead of 8 ringgit b4 it. Actually Im quite familiar wi dat Ah Soo coz 3 or 4 times I cut my hair there. Haiyyaa...the price hike 30 sen n she sesuka hatinya increase her charge ma...so unethical business women,huhu.

I'm truly big wonder why government should increase the price. From logical mind if ya are the exporter fo'sho u gotta that value for the ke"inceasese"san world market. Below u can see the profit of PETRONAS.


De increasing like bombshell to Malaysians accepts 2 type of person. Therr are GLC's CEO n YBs sekalian.


Pandai korg letak url aku dekat yahoo.group eh...hehehe

Wednesday, March 08, 2006



after 2 hour interview for secretariat....seyesly i'ant prepare enough for that interview,NO im not prepare at all. i'm juz main jawap je the answer. 3 interviewer n 3 candidate at on the same time. Din,kak Miti n I in one group..seriously bro, my answer totally rubbish but i cant handle at certain part.

the situation like MATRIC movie scenes, all question like a bullet but in slow motion movement.

how u can apply the core value with convo day
what is current issue?
why singapore protes about new bridge at Tambak Johore?
Who is Dean ur faculty?
who is Director of library?
what's meaning by softskill.
give me 5 corevalue here..
why u choose this position?
do u agree if we call Amy Search or ct Nurhaliza for concert during that convo?
what do see our student akhlak,is it ok?

da 1st interviewer said even i can't answer the question but im pretend or try to act confident with my answer.

actually i juz apply secretariat for EXPO and entertainment but after that interview kak Miti said she saw that En. Nazri tick me at column LOGISTIC N RELATIONSHIP. at dat moment pun he mentioned for that position for me. but u know guyz, i spoiled at last with one question.

sorry sir, is these positon make us to spend our 3 month holiday to do da task?? coz juz b4 i got the application form to work during the semester break.


but it's true, i should work at this break. Lantak la,like i said earlier i'ant put any hope there...i juz wanna explore n collect an experince in conduct a biggest even. if i get it, alhamdulliah...

Tuesday, March 07, 2006



19 Feb 2006 - 2:03 PM

Alright people, since you all Malaysian hackers want a war here then I will give you one right now. All IP from Malaysia will be banned, no more discussion. If I see anyone discuss anything involve hacking this site in the shoutbox, that person will be banned out of server. No foreign languages, ENGLISH ONLY. That's the rules! You are here to download manga not to hacking people site! You don't like the rule? I don't care, you don't like it, then don't access this page! Anyone acting stupid around here get banned, and I don't care what you all people think. I opened this site for people to download manga, and if you don't like it then too bad!

And to all people who is not involving in this stupid hacking war, my apologies for all the reckus!

18 Feb 2006 - 11:41 AM

Urgent News: After the tracking system installed, we now caught a hacker tried to hack server this morning, the IP recorded was came from XXXXXXX(my university). To who is trying hacking out there, please remember the consequences, if there are more hacking attempts out from Malaysia, all IPs from Malaysia will be banned from the server. Right now only this IP has been banned. Please reconsidering what you are doing.

I say : it's crappin bro, if u wanna dload ther u can do it but y u must be ruin that site...evendo they do not release the specific ip but guess i kno who do it...except my school, chemistry n electric who really expert in computer besides school of software engineering student(if i mistaken sorry eh PETAKOM,hehe). twice he try to hack that site its called stupid-dupist temptation. it's easy to them to cought u for 2nd trial.

p/s:but to whom yg terasa,if ko terbaca lak this blog plz ek dont hack my comp, baru jek format ni...hehe,kesian kat aku. beside that my comp juz b4 all secret information ter exposed to all ppl,luckily nooobody aware bout this,phewwww~

MATH-StatistiC- Magic

this is for suka2...as if this question seems interesting evendo i couldnt understand y the answer should be like that..blur(nak tanya kat tutorial segan lak,hehe coz aku dah la salu xsiap tutorial)

A student takes a 10 question, true/false exam and guesses on each question. Find the probabilityu of passing if the lowest passing grade is 6 correct out of 10. based on your answer,would it be good idea not to study and to depend on guessing(state ur reason)?

N= 10

P(X>6)=1-P(X<5)>>> refer to binomial table

N0,it's not a good idea since it is just 37.7% students pass by guessing. (these phrase i cant understand)

Sunday, March 05, 2006



Huh a weekend morning dae fully with gotong-royong and truly kacau-ing my sleeping wonderful beauty time. Gonna be rushed with sound of speaker to make all of us wake up from sleeping dat truly made my ears and all body shake boom2 shake. I can't sleep no more n then went to bathroom brushed my teeth (xmandi,hehe). Then I went into assembly that conducted by JPK but then suddenly and accidentally tersinggah at Che'Mat room n accidentally oso ter'continued tidor on his bed. After a mean while someone woke me up and ask me to get our free bfast. N then the gotong-royong was started till the principle college does his inspection.

Yesterday I got my new mp3+ pendrive around 200 hinggit. Pretty terkebil2 setting it up coz guess I one of the idiot person about technology. If the small boy looking at me terkebil2 fo'sho dey will giggle at me. These millennium boyz wut I can see steady jek main strategy game. Aku juz setakat CS,FIFA, NBA bley la.


This Wednesday I have de interview for become as secretariat for this coming convocation dae on July 2007. Actually Im not sure why I submit that form coz I know that myself kinda not interested about the thing like this, active that, active this (I thought is not my type). But there have sumethin that push me up!!!!! Guess kompom I'll fail if the interviewers ask me about who is rector, wut is out motto, bla bla...hopefully they wouldn't burst out "wut do you trying crappin here?" n so on... But gasak la!!!! i aint put any hope ther. Im only hope if I become as that team plz la it's not going to spend my 3 month semester holidae for that coming event coz my plan nak keje kat vendor PROTON, kompol duit, aku anak org susah so must be hardworking. My mak pun already got the form.

Juz b4 I checked my e-comm for my coursework OSHA (occupational safety n health), got horrible bit of new, my GOD!!!I dunno whether lecturer doesn't put my mark yet or he miss it. Dah la mostly student fail the test currently for this subject evendo this is onli 1 credit. Anyhow 2morro im gonna be check it...check it...check it babe....

Wednesday, March 01, 2006


All praise is due to Allah, and may the peace and blessings of Allah be up on the Messenger of Allah and upon all the prophets and messengers.

Maybe I'm quite late to write about this issue. But I'm truly deep scare when I'll asked by God solely what did u do when our prophet have been ridiculed by Kafir Laknatullah.

Rasullullah (may peace n blessings be upon him) said:
"Demi DiriKu ditanganNya, Tidak beriman seseorang itu sehingga dia mencintaiKu lebih dari Bapa, Anaknya dan keseluruhan manusia."

Dr Yusof al-Qaradhawi (islamic scolar) said on this issue: its become fardhu 'ain(WAJIB) on us to defend our prophet.

As we known Danish's newspaper (Jyllands-Posten) published the caricature pictured as our prophet depicted in an offensive manner on December 30, 2005. And after which the world Muslim community accept Malaysian (Islamic country??) do a demonstration against it, had almost newspapers in Europe re-published that cartoons to give a support (solitary) to that newspaper on the reason it a practice of freedom and democracy.

Currently NST in Malaysia do that a same thing through Wiley Miller's cartoon and Government just let it go because NST had apologized about their action earlier with article
"we apologize.Unreservedly" (easy huh!!).I wonder why the authorities do not do a same thing as they had done to Sarawak Tribune and Guang Ming Daily.

But actually Im not really big shock because if we back into history (don refer PMR or SPM history book la,hehe) who brought Kallimullah (vice president NSTP) and Brendan Pereira (group editor) from Straits Times Singapore to NST we would know why this unusual double standard is happened. He (kallimuallah) during established as KPK NSTP on 2004 already have share in ECM Libra Berhad and become as Chairman in that company.

ECM Libra??macam pernah dengar tapi di mana ek?? Something to ponder!!!

Here, I would like to persuade all bloggers to show our feelings on this issue in your blog/website...

Nahnu fidaka ya rasullah!!!!!!

Im always pray that Allah s.w.t. will forgive and bless us (Muslim) with His Mercy (Jannah).

P/S: Malaysia = no boycotting + no demonstrate = Syumulliah Islamic country??heh..