Friday, April 28, 2006

JuZ a CuP oF CoFFee part (3)

Back to school; remember when we were at secondary school in form 1 especially at boardin school how we are treated cam hampeh,called as junior or freshy by senior. Of coz for da 1st year,senior alwayz takes advantages on us, hey baju merah!! Bring me one jar of drink from dining room!! Wash my clothes!! Hey jerk, come inside, got some task for you!!! Usually dey got inordinate power and influence over the hostellier. Sumertimez dey alwayz find out our guilty juz to make as a reason for we do something to 'em. I remember back one year when I was form 2, yup usually the seniority as could see is highly in form 2 pupils (tyme2 ni la aku nak balas dendam kesumat,hoho), by that time too lazy to wash our clothes and clean the dorm especially a day near by semester break holiday. Freshy will walks to their dorm thru front of our dorm balcony. And it is decent la bebudak too noise dat and dis. And juz using that reason too noise everyone of them have to mop and brush that corridor "ni hukuman sbb korg bising". Typical dialogue and it is will repeated year by year and batch by batch. One thing it never been change for every form 2, when form 2 wanna "fly" for cop a food or cigarette definitely dey hav to get permissible from upper form and often like sekotak rokok or "nasik stengh" for one permit. Kerenah birokrasi betul,huhu...i dun know la whether dey halal bi halal on dat food and cigarette. But honestly I've had never touch those stuffs, takut gak haram!!!

My roommate
Ironically when we step into university this thing I can say dunnot happen here, I dun know it is because of maturity or others reason.(Actually I miss dat "rokol" though!!!) At here we are more considering to juniors wi' help'em to adopt the new situation and environment as well as teach 'em how to tackle learning here. At the beginnin, most of them call us as abg, but u know it is sooo kinky sumeone tat 1 year younger than you call you as abg, I think dey also feel the same way. So at last no-abg2. Talkabout my junior roomie, I think is good to get them because we are so close, besides we are not shamelessly to bring them hanging out wi' our friendz, watchin football 2gether, play futsal and so on. Even how to describe how close we are sekali buku2 last years aku pon my roomie sapu because sepp budget to buy the new one, I ain't use dat book indeed, so nvm la. One bit, both my junior roomie like to outing, maybe if we want to compare the whole time my 2 yeaz outing to him only 1 year. betcha,he win. Wuteber dey still respect and honor us as their senior. that enough!!!

Remember in 2004-2005 we were shocked by gangsterisme at 2nd school. dat time appear variety of names suchas high council la, rumah putih n rumah hitam branch's rules la. Frankly speakin da junior at 2nd school nowadays do not put a lot of respect to senior, dey only ikut sesuka kepala sendiri je. where is the pepatah dat yar mum alwayz tell u "masuk kandang kambing menyembik,masuk kandang harimau mengaum". Being as senior dey merely demand junior aware, appreciate and alert dat they are older and more experience at that place. Still, is not too much if I say new teacher also have to respect this senior. There got happened at my school form 5 fights against one new teacher. Could you imagine about 20 persons make around circle against dat teacher. Yes dude, it is rude, no adab, but sumetimez senior have intense ego and you gotta respect that ego as long as not too much. So people should understand la. It is not happen at school institution only, Harian Metro had published front page couple of weekz ago almost new nurses had bullied by the senior. It also happen in the another workplace, factory, food franchise, office, shop as well as kedai makan too. But sumetimes senior seemingly over greasy too, so you gotta know which one you should report to above and which one you have to cool it down. But as a junior at school you have to follow 2 rules; by school and senior.

What we'd learned?
I got learned something from dis, being as junior at 2 timez in my life. Juz follow an apt rule. Respect your senior despite they are probably too silly for us, because of wut, it look like they dun kacau you if you dun kacau them. At workplace it is spot-on the seniority will become one of criterion in selecting for promotion. So please be patience till you become senior. Fair or not, it's da way thing will be. And remember sumetimez you will protected by seniority.

eh,where is my coffee hah??

p/s: experience above juz from my observation, i am not the one that di-buli or pem-buli, aku kan budak baik. bully sket2 itu adalah kot, bergurau2 manja between senior n junior mayb lebey tepat,hohoho!!! to everyone juniors yg aku buat "gurau2 manja" dulu, sori a-lot eh.

Tribute to mendiang MGG Pillai

Seorg reformis dan wartawan, antara org yg terawal yg membuat on-line jurnal report yg berbentuk kewartawanan di malaysia.,disamping menjadi columunis utk Harakah. u can reach his writing at ther u can read his opinion about malaysia and world n you will gotta learn sumethin ~bagaimana utk mengkritik. semoga dgn sedikit sbyk sumbangan beliau terhadap perkembangan islam mendapat perhatian dr yg Esa.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

JuZ a CuP oF CoFFee part (2)

Imperialism...This term absolutely famous if ya refer back into book's history. 2 sides in the history always related to this imperial word, Japan and Europe, 2 big countries with their long history. One side that we call org putih( West block) and the other side putih kuning langsat( East block). Back to our situation now in sport issue, Kok Chi has been called from advisor of ministry of sport. On the reason too criticize in Kelly's issue via newspaper. (Who is Kelly??). Actually I am truly blurr n blurrr why MSN choose this mat saleh which is at the same times we actually hav capable person in this midst of sport arena. Agree with Kok Chi yup at the one part we still need foreign officer in the part we r not expertise suchas things related more to science department. But it doesn't mean we should give administrative position to the foreigner oso. These things are not supposed to be happen!!! From track record "this Kelly" is not really good, we still got 7 gold in the Melbourne commonwealth same amount gold that we got at England 4 years before, wi'out spend enormous RM 17k per month for him. Besides, as if "this Kelly" got a lot of power compare to MSN tough it's his boss. "This Kelly" also drew attention with bring his suku sakat puak-puak from west Australia then is hired as coaches or therapy at here. Maybe dis is wut Sukarno, x- indonesia President mentioned as NEOIMPERIALISME.

(Hospital dah kena ambik, Proton tunggu masa je, politik warisan penjajah~ dah lama dah)

Btw from "this Kelly" issue we could understand that sumeone try to send a stern warning- please don't let your month too BIG to us!!!

During "jovial" study week before I and somer my friends make a study group session. All things, papers, books, note pad and all stuff pretty messy up on the table. The tyme usually we are finish our study around 3 am and tat stuffs absolutely spread out on the table. Remains for mak cik2 and akak2 cleaner to arrange and clean it up. So wan janggut said in his tganu slang

mu pikir best tak kalo kita kawin awal?
Xbest la, kena buat susu anak
(answer insecure)

Binimu bole tolongmu kemas sama2 lepas study. Semangat sket nak study. Buat tutor sama. Mu tgk abg irfan tu, cool je
Tyme wikend member suma hanging around kat memana. Ko plak kena jaga anak, kena shopping kithchen stuff la
.(i dun know how to answer him)

Mu nak kawin bila?
Paling awak 30 thn, 27 thn tu kira dah mula mencari calon la
(Who is la the lucky girl ,hehe)

Lewat nyer. Mu tak terpikir ke masa mu pencen anak mu baru nak masuk university.
Pikir gak, tp xbest la kawin awal2. nak gak enjoy dulu, nak merasa pegang duit sendiri.
(concrete answer!!!)

Tapi mu pikir, kalo kita kawin awal deh, masa umur 40 thn aku ngn isteri aku cam org baru kawin sbb anak2 dah besar. Tyme tu anak2mu baru mencicit2. hahaha ( he laugh at me)

Argh!! I dun care gak,I am too had contemplated once before on these things ,30 years my target. But that,when I am thinks twice now he is rite. Juz waiting my jodoh larrr...


Sunday, April 23, 2006

JuZ a CuP oF CoFFEe part (1)

Hellu guyz...I am feel free right now. After 2 weeks (its been a tough weeks dude) abundant with books and notes n pressure all 2gether now really can breathe freely. Why I choose this entry's title as juz a cup of coffee, either it is really sweet sentence its mean as I am writing this till my coffee will finish, huhu...The much coffee I make the more words I should type (rasanya pendek kot coz I ain't sorter ppl who are good in playing with words)

~wink~ no more sophomore, no more english class and no more mathematic class yet!!!hehehe...

Okay let's start my 1st activity after my extremely tough examination. As a celebration for this my frien and I was being at one of wonderful waterfall at Malaysia yesterdae. Seyesly really enjoyable moment even it's too tired. We reached at that waterfall at 11 am, but for reaching at that site we had spent 30 minutes walking at the track. We walk in the same group with one mature group dat I thought maybe workers of sumer company dat wanna held camping ther. Sempat gak lak berposing kat video camp diaorang. But suddenly when we check our bags, hogwash, nobody bring a camera, stupid-dupist!!!

After we reached at front of water fall, lepak-ed on the rockz hilangkan segala peluh2 kusam di badan while de other group continue their journey, dey ought to be camping at the above becoz these river have 7 waterfalls,if I ain't mistaken la. So after a moment we throw off our clothes and splushhhh into the river. Humang, sejuk giler. Zul as I can see has a lot of nerve swimming till the bottom of that waterfall, me....?only "duckling swimming" at the tepian tebing,hahaha.

Then after we get sumer refreshment we continue with tracking activity- conquer 7 heavens level. We were started wi rock climbing at the first, too high and too dangerous and I never ever look at down. After rock climbing we stepped on at 1st level before we were continue climb thru the waterfall. At this part extremely tough one, the water soo deras, and the rockz are smooth indeed.yet its truly need full of determination and patient besides of good strength. At one moment I juz fell want to fall back, luckily I can balance my body well. Yah, we were given our hands to each other to fight back to dead flow of river. sumer tyme you have to put yar trust to yar own friendz.

After rock by rock, level by level that much 2 hour of hard toil we finally reach at the final stage, wow...extremely bootiful, the view from that site as look like as a painting. But honestly had brood lil'bit sadness because sumer people dunot concern to the nature, can see rubbish especially mineral water bottles, plastics as well as tin sardines here and there. No wonder la sememangnya this is actual minded orang kita from bottom of citizen until middle class to upper class Malaysian. For those, we are with fully awareness bring all our plastic, tins, and food cage back to throw it into the right place.

I am finish my coffee~

P/s: when we were do our solat on the rock wi' wet clothes and without sejadah as usually,sumer ppl look at us weirdly. Maybe think how dey pray like tat. But at least we could show 'em you hav to pray in whatever condition you are. I ain't kinda riak person, too far to show as I am the better one, but I am just person who do the task and show my worship to the Creator of the heaven and earth, Sovereign all things. Almighty!!!

Friday, April 21, 2006


It is lovely fresh breeze morning. I slept quite earli last nite around 1 am, and woke up 4 am and open my book and all notes till now (xsolat subuh lg ni,jap lg eh).Is it true, am I juz sleep for 2 hours??? Why imma so struggle?? One answer- I dunnot study anythin YET!!! Think I can finish up the *entire chapters for FLUIDS in these 6 hours ~wink~

*(actually only study the hint/tips, ngeh he he including boundary layer, shock wave, Pelton turbine, triangle and similarity)

Btw at anotha parts the happiness for todae is last paper. And thanks and syukur to God for blessings me coz before I attend the entire paper exam I'm already passed all the hardcore paper. Like subject fluid todae I'm just attend the exam to score at least to get B. no pressure2 on me!!! Dat all gotta go now for solat~

p/s: guyz wish me luck ya

Sunday, April 09, 2006

AnUaL DiNNeR LiKe ****

It's time to update mah blog,hehe...after Mechy annual dinner nite. If anyhoo ask me how bout my current annual dinner, my immediately reply would be "cam hampeh"!!! Aftreall,I am dead sure this function is the hampeh one. No hotel-hotel, no more Chinese course, it's more like buffet style but not at all. Its meals, sorry I dun know/can't how to tellya. The site they'd chosen next to enormous kilang (coz they think the nite concerpt is engineering style so dey want all student feel like worker,ceh!!!), wardrobe totally like engineer.

There a bit of show like nasyid, dikir barat, acoustic band (lecturer and student), no more electrical instrument coz can't get HEP's permission, but at last lecturer successfully had smuggled keyboard and electrical guitar. It's a bit too simple for a function like this nite...yet kinda fulfilling la.

When I'd passed on the front door faiq called me. "Shah, aku mintak tolong ko, ko jaga bahagian makanan,plz..."without much ado Faid'd given me a red reben mean the person who in charge meal part. Aisehhh!!! U know guyz, minus me juz 4 ppl at our table tat for initially 10 ppl per table. Raymond couldn't attend coz got anotha business. Faiq, Fizi, Jebon in charged food part oso. Seriously lil'bit sympathy to Din, Pali,Blom and Adan coz just dey 4 in that table. Actually my task for this function totally finish, I juz in charge for designing souvenir book for VVIP and ma intent juz attend this nite like other ppl. No more too wet my armpit anymore. But discovering at Faiq's face, He like kalut and committed semacam je, so give him my hand la. All of sudden, I was veered off my position.

When I'd been at my booth, Dilla came to me,
shah mana meja group kita?
(I juz pointed her table at the last corner, no.21)
ko teruk la Dilla, ko tau meja kita ada 4 org je skg. Meja ko mana?

Aku duduk ngn budak2 group lain. aku ingat table kita dah penuh. Takpe shah, kejap2 aku pergi la kat meja bdk kita.
Eh apsal ko jaga kat sini ni?
Aku masuk2 je pintu Faiq dah hulur menatang alah ni.

kahkahakah...(dilla ketawa,its that funny??)
Table ko sape xdtg?

Liza,dia demam pastu ngn Amilin. Table kita sape tak dtg shah?
Raymond sorg jek.

After that suddenly came in the monster (2 monsters at that nite, 1 male and 1 female with same attitude)and he truly made ma entire night totally hazardous situation. Something went crazy when things got crappy and really made ma annual dinner nite.

Almost 12.30 the nite be end. And this is the snapping picture time. So I went back to my table, trying to take a lot of picture here and there as well as on the tint color stage. I saw sharifah(gal that make my heart keep bleeding fast, hehe) next to me, so dun not lets her go away, offered her to take a picture with me.

Awak, jom tangkap gambar 2 org
Eh, boleh ke ni? (malu2 plak dia)

Boleh, xde hal punya, tp kena bayar la 10hinggit kat sy (aku buat lawak)
Kat mana camera ni??(mesti lah kat depan tu,buat2 tanya lak)

See the camera.


And after that I went straight back to my group without thanks to her, moreover to charm her or at least asks her phone no., forgot-forgot giler babi la. That time too crowded and I juz wanna hurry up cause after that AJK have to arrange the kerusi and all meja back and at the same time my hollow tummy inside. It was a rather busy night rather than I'm expected.

So for the sekian kali nye...the annual dinner for this year its truly "amazing" and would be remember as a sweet memory.

Anyway credit to sumeone wi their immense strength to ensure this nite as successful as they can like Anne, Saiful (much more respect to him), Faiq, Taro and other. Rests of them I can say just wanna capap only or just want enterprising people around them with a lot of idiot idea.

2morro nite my group will be held BBQ at beach and I could not join them cause I have a meeting at nite.

p/s: really unsatisfied what the criteria they choose KING and QUEEN at that nite. Tgk selebeh je Apek yg menang KING of the nite. Out of our interior thought.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

PrOmOtE n MaWi

I'm writing in sunless wet sky,
Seems the rain starting to pour,
On my bed all by my lonesume,
Layin my body comfortably,
Think about future,
Oh no couldn't jog this evenin.

Todae is 1st meeting for convo-dae on this August. Actually is merely simple briefing (sumer point melt me to sleep) about wuts we(my team) hav to do and for distribute our task for these 2 weeks. For these 2 weeks we only focus about competition that we will conduct, just 3 main tasks which are make form for competition, poster distribute and advertisement at newspaper and for my "sake" due date next week, GOSH!!! And wut the unexpected thing dat we will ber"village" at HEP's office in tis semester break. My plan to work is gonna crack juz now!! My mak juz told me that Alang(my cousin) called and told my mak, at her work place there have vacancy. Aku sengkek DUIT (at least for my living wage). Argh!!! I dun care, wanna claim for allowance if I have to stay here (RM 3.50 per hour), if juz setakat kupon makanan, sorry I'll lettgo.

I kept thinking why la gatal tangan gettho this awkward work?? And what is my contribution to this work??? Honestly besides the main reason dat I toldya at the previous post, haphazardly ther have a chance meet and mix with sharifah. Sharifah as usually immensely like something like this but sekali dia tak apply maa...frankly I ain't kinda people active this and active that, too lazy to busy this and busy that. My ilk.

Promote sketttt

3 main categories, that is for IPT, secondary school and for our student. Motto is invasion in thinking, creative in looking. And all creations have to base on engineering and technology. If you win is good for you because the certification is combination of from our university and MCP (lupa its stand for wut) besides RM5000 for the winner. How to enter this competition and the conditions we will advertise in newspaper later on or just contact me. If yar stuff is okay and superb can go to finale and the juries for the finale from MCP (all professors).All accommodation and food we will provide for 2 days. come la join us...


During that meeting also we hear the HEP people did not decide yet who will dey invite for the concert, somer stuff chooses Inteam and hijjaz and somer them choose Mawi and Hijjaz, dey want our opinion too.For me, I thought better bring Mawi and Daniel (MI2). Although I'm out of Mawi's fun but I think he will attract and pleasure more people to come and Daniel, he will attract Chinese people. But wut I'm slightly scares he wills "tenggelamkan" our prefabricated booths, competition as well as convo-dae at the same time. Maklumlah tsumawi!!!!