Wednesday, January 30, 2008


im hoping, and suddently i read about loloq passed away(because of blood clot in his brain. )at najwan's

my condolence to his family. in symptom too-lazy-to-write right now but last nite sumeone had told me about maturity, and i was impress a lot about it. maturity cannot measure by aging, but maturity can be measure by acting, she story-mory me. and ofcoz maturity cannot be measure by IQ level.

2. so that when adiputra(honestly, i dont know the level of math he invaded) quoted ferari and kancil(yet, who taught him this sentence?) dont easily judge him. he need the rite direction so that he able to absord every hardness situation and overcome it as well as he could learn another skills.

3.had heard about malaysian mix-blood,havent u.she even cannot finish her study at oxford evendo she had enrolled that prestige school at 13 yr old.

4.everytimes i've a change to on9 i must find updated new bout heath ledger incident.multi talented actor heath ledger dead aged 28 and im really woes. his performence such give me indirect he's can diverse and get challenging roles in every film was amazed me.the movie not be-released-yet the imaginarium of doctor parnassus, directed by terry gilliam and batman movie.

5. ge juz around the corner and this frame time politician will lobbying hopefully being selected and extend their duty to mahrain for next. im not having appetite about that because me myself i never believe on democrazy but plz disfavour to politician with scrap heap of idea. frankly,juz be nice to ppl(like vk lingam do,juz be nice and smile always). love peace!!

Thursday, January 24, 2008


today it's really nice weather after raining lastnite n i was breezed in the middle of raining in getting for food.

1.i was shocked by megat junid was passed away this early morning caused of prostate cancer.
2.yesterday my fav actor heath ledger also was passed away cozed of acidental overdose.seriously guy he is my fav actor very much n i never been miss to watch every his film.
3.thai massage it cost u rm80,chinese massge cost u rm50 (both without oil massage)

Friday, January 11, 2008


2 nite at ump is so feeling. i been there for stay at the nite coz im outstation at kemaman for 2 days, we juz hd intended for there juz 1 day but extend for 2 day because wanna join to inspect and survey the equipement. 2 days and 2 nite,here there are:

a) the operator so friendly, i'd learnt a lot from him.
b) 20 year experienced-men is so nice and talk many to us. i know from him, there are a lot of selfishes people in this usually PHD(malay term is goes to malay dilemma)
c) back to KL with bulging people, added one more ppl.

2 nite
a) open table for our friends, more than 14 people and gonna puked almost 100 bucks from my pocket.
b)i'h a time in 2nd nite to watch my uni theater training.lest anybody be in doubt the theater team is so amazing,they growth up so fast. they already got the own gorgeous prop,audio visual. i'm juz take a look for awhile coz im rushing to back to KL.
c)i had bad neck-ache cozed by sleep in the car during back to KL,im dont know how bad my posture during my sleep duration.

and selamat menyambut maal hijrah,my Allah bless us.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008


happy new year...tonite i'd mingle-d around at klcc with my friends. i'aint suppose to be there and it's not my intent to do it at the beginning but after being accused by my friends(and that what friend is a for-prone : to assure us that what we are doing is not-updated). so i go-lah....

my head was spinning speedy gonzales when i look at variety of people, dont blame the God(Malay mean Allah is God,others mean God is Allah, but we dont have the same Allah) that created the variety of people, is not about ethnic but it is about ethic.if all indo-an,mat salehan or countryman has a good moral i betcha it is the happening nite that i ever seen. mujur unit amal(as well as policemen avoid any mayhem) doing their job, n i like to see tudung3 labuh stood out in the middle of abundant of wish klcc do not vehemently collapse by caused of kerja2 yg dilakukan oleh unit amal ni. if we look at at bb-i'm speechless,same goes to others place- it is our future look alike?they deep deem down about tahun baru and know about the azam but it when we celebrate such like that-maybe tsunami should flow its ass every year, so our leader could announce at mass media-no more tahun baru celebration.

for me instant, i like that firecrakers. n like the bumperz too :P