Monday, March 24, 2008


1)i wanna show my gratitute n thanks to all stuff at miri with their help,kindness and cooperation especially to gritty mr.fab,all eng. and others.for me myself this is juz my stepping stone for my long journey and spark my enthusiasm more in this industry.more than that, i truly was frolicking during my time here,spend every wikend with my new friend and change our perspective thru diff races and religion.

tq yall.

2)labuan cuacanya agak panas,panas yg berangin. sesuai utk mandi-manda/berenang di pantai dan aku telah mulakan aktiviti itu pada petang semalam. pagi hujung minggu, aku cuba habiskan masa di perpustakaan awam membaca sebanyak mana yg boleh(pelbagai genre).aku dapati hanya senaskah shj buku tulisan pn ainon&suami di rak buku,aku baru membacanya separuh buku di samping buku2 yg lain.

blog ini akan tersadai utk jangka masa yg lama.sekian

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


nazri aziz had reiterated once again about deb and trying to play malay sentiment.meanwhile ahli mt umno norraesah had blamed the teenz cozed of their misunderstanding about the purpose of deb and giv a vote to the opposition.

stop blathering men!!!
we are not stupid-dupist. u shold learn from ong ka ting, dr. ng yen yen,zainuddin maidin,party gerakan,mukhriz,hishammuddin and many others.they'r rite nw have clearly view of new generation-minded.n i think mukhriz,hishammuddin(even they say he's weak) is the one of many for the future leader and he's nw must try to avoid from the shadow of his dad.

power to ppl!!

Monday, March 10, 2008


now, already mb kedah will be represented from pas representative (n maybe perak also).while bn still was appalling about what happend,it's the right time to present pas is relevent for all ppl. i like to see how these mbs will bring n conduct the future of these two state.NCER in these 3 state beside of perlis, those of states will be growth fluently if the goverment flow the exact money/contract or wahtsoever to perak,pp n kedah.yup,they(goverment) have to.
1. if state goverment-fail to use the money wisely, they will eliminate for the next ge
2.if state goverment-success, pray to God. for the future we will see more of the balancing of both opposition n governmnt(im not talking specifically which is pas-pkr-dap or bn respectively).

fair goverment-transparent-eligible media-ppl-those of the things will play as main evocative issues,still.

-ncer will draw about rm177 billion ininvestment 2007 to 2025.
-one-third of the sum will be spent by the government
-the remaining two-thirds will be undertaken through private finance initiatives (pfi) and private sector investment.
- sime darby bhd played key role in preparing the groundwork
-to improve infrastructure, the butterworth, kulim, grik, jeli,kota baru roads will be widened, a monorail connecting seberang prai, kulim, sungai Petani

Sunday, March 09, 2008


power to people!!!
makkal saktii!!!

the wind of change!!!

hopefully media will be fair after this!!!

ibu menelefon aku pkl 3 pagi. syg emak......hari ni boleh lah tido nyenyak.kesian emak yg letih sgt dlm minggu ni.

Thursday, March 06, 2008


Media's Lure...everynite and after i comeback from my office i'll glue myself sit down in front of tv for watching the campaign from incumbent soo interested to know what the goverment has done to ppl n i believe it. im also excited about what the oppostion try to promise to ppl which is all of that are merely janji kosong. was vain to pretend myself that i love to watch it(n i wanna vomit).im still have my otak to think about it, i can make a comparison between what is good for me and what is not,media plz dont dumpling my mind with all that and compel myself to take and eat it without any judgement.goverment still tussle with opposition, let them in their own sternest war. jgn bodohkan adamant that i'll not vote for BN!!! i'll say no to PAS!!!neither to Keadilan.sbb aku xmengundi and im not party-centric.

i juz wanna see the truly democrasy and fight in respectful campaign. open debate is one of good idean. malaysian is ready for it.