Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Between Kemerdekaan n MAS

Selamat Menyambut Hari Kemerdekaan
(opss….ber"couple2" years ago ppl used Hari kebangsaan not Kemerdekaan,don know why???)

Since I was born seriously I didn't care anymore about This DAY, da only one I care coz for this DAY I get holi2day. But after became grow n grow up I guess I can feel lil'bit la bout meaning of merdeka. Some of ppl believe merdeka is we can do whatever we wanna do. Some of ppl think we free to manage our country whatever the way n method that we want. Depends on ppl……..bla bla n bla
But wut I wanna share here is about we’re as Malaysian alwez mengangkat2 the western ppl or their westlife(not Ireland's Band boy wi' their wings, heh). Straight to the point I wanna jolt down about MAS. Recently MAS had announced that MAS suffer with loss their profit around RM274.83 million for 1st month between Aprils until June. I don know is it as accidentally or mmg disengajakan on da same day their pengarah urusan Datuk Ahmad Fuaad resigned from MAS. I've no appetite to speak about the amount of money even the resignation but I juz wanna speak up about the person who gonna take that place. The authority of MAS wanna take foreigner expertise to lead that company. Nasib baik Pak Lah dah sound after the rumors. NO FOREIGNER!!! Thankz…I don have any idea why should choose the foreigner to manage our properties or business. Is that no malay or even Malaysian that have enough ability to take the place. Yeh bebeh we already do the same method when proton rugi during 80’an but that is anotha situation. This kind we don have any experience in car's business.
At the Hari Kemerdekaan DAY, we're Malaysian still looking the foreigner
(X-colonial,who??sape lagi kalo bukan Francis Light n all da CROOK) as better in everything include education, technology, economics, expertise even the way their life.Yup,one the anotha side they better from us especially in technology n education. We should learn a lot from them but not memuja (Malay learn?? I thought malay juz crazy about AF n all that stuff). Nway selamat menyambut Hari Kemerdekaan my lovely n bootifoo country.

That all 4 this nite sempena Kemerdekaan Nite coz I’m really tired after play pingpong game (I aint really2 into but juz suka2)now too much yawning!!!! Fo'sho I'll get up late tomorrow morning(now it's almost 4 am). My roommate "blom" take participate in part of kawad kaki for perbarisan today. Their uniform?? I juz can tell soooo engineer…hahaha.

And……………for da sambutan at my college, believe me so bore!! They juz assembled at café, provide the LCD big booty screen (ala dat one juz for show off the count down) n then finally sorakkkkkkkk merdeka!!! no firecracker, no kebudayaan's show(juz wearing sari or cheongsam n do a cat walk,hah)……………

da~ blur-ness

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mami reindeer,diff texture from best fur

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sooo engineer,hehehehe

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da body so bootylicious

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minit2 bfore marching gonna be start(blom left,me right)

Sunday, August 28, 2005


Here I'll jolt down about what I'm believe whether it is about politics, economics, art, music ,entertainment n everything that happen around da world include me,myself, my lec session, my lovely college, my family, pren or country. Some of that I get the idea from my reading, art novel, article, pren or from porn book or mag. My APPetite to do this!!! I’m juz wanna write down what I'm thinking whether for another ppl think dat is wrong minded or maybe it looked as a negative site for them…I juz write as if no ppl read it!!!!as good as its gets!!!!!!!!!!

Bahasa Melayu Bahasa Terindah

Got up lil'bit late dis morning,huwargh !!!still sleepy but the idea suddenly come out into my mind. Here wanna write about kemerdekaan lil'bit ah2. When we talk about kemeredekaan it’s mean bebas isn't? we use our own language, manage our country by ourself n so on. Bahasa Melayu (It makes me wanna puke!!!),BANGSAT sangat ke our bahasa melayu until malay ppls can't speak this language? If u gonna ask to anotha races, yup maybe they are not really fasih in bahasa but I'm really2 sad because here some malay ppl like too shame to us bahasa as a main language, when there have ppl who are can't speak in English for exm mawi or siti (frankly speaking even I didn't care about them coz I aint their KIPAS SUSAH MATI) several malay typical elite class blame n look underestimate them. GOSH!!Sometimes, I'm alwez ask myself wut for we learn in mathematic or subject in English (Engku Aziz: belaja math n sc dlm bahasa Inggeris act xdpt mmbantu org melayu bertutur dlm b inggeris). Before anyone comes up with a synde- anti bahasa melayu remark, juz wanna remain here, hello..bahasa melayu is 4th language that mostly world population use it!!!! I don care ppl outside there call me as melayu pure ke, ultra melayu ke, kampong boy ke?? WHO's CARE…………