Sunday, December 25, 2005


One week again the new semester will coming, the day I should put all desire to work hard more than I'd been done in the past semester.

I got nothing to do for my one month holiday besides help Angah at his work. I thought that be the lil' experience for me how to face the real life after campus. Beside I felt that macam baru je hidup ngn Angah .Until my age 20 I'd been never live with him. He is totally diff with Angah yang dulu. Dulu dia jenis yang despicable person, annoying and so on. I n he like out of sync. He's sort of got change himself at all otherwise. I WAS SHOOK. N for the first time I've drive his car. Maybe he think he is should be nice and responsible to his family and trying to patch thing up here.

Trying to finish my reading after quite long time I want to.

Angah got his new baby for this year mean now I have 16 anak2 buah!!!

-I got new niece
-16 nieces' and nephews at the moment
-amanda -cakir
-asyikin -syadah
-boboy -shasha
-abby -noreen
-ramadhan -eman
-atiqah -meran
-afnan -baby
-afif - najwa

See how things pan out~