Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Since long time i didnt jolted down here anything,thus i miss a lingua how should i be in this working field i feel like school,have to learn new things-all new things that never taught at university. the science things not really help but the subject like entrepreneur, english in business, soft skill will added ya value and spawn ya characteristic-to be dynamic.
short is better things, thus :

a) i'll graduate with CPA 3.02
b) i donnot know how to make ayam masak merah- before this i thought i knew how to make it
c) i've to learn how to make it-ayam masak merah
d) dont melt for the women, make them melt for u. im too stiffest to them =P
e) to endear ourself to the other ppl distinctly cannot be avoided
f ) learn how to voice out but try not using inflammatory languange

until now for today~