Thursday, October 27, 2005

THaT JuZ ThE WaYS ThiNG!(i COuLd do Mr.YuSoF)

Tomorrow I'll back home. Quite busy to collect and find out the note that I'll bring home. I promise myself no more play n lepak at home. I get to preserve it!!! Since my fluid and thermodynamic isn't okay (hope my carry mark 4 fluid will be above 30) I have to study. I won't repeat my paper, is not my way, dude. I know myself very well that I could do better for final....that's just the ways thing.

Oso quite busy with rearrange all my programs, vclips and movies in my laptop, the thing I should hidden I have to hidden, confirm at home Achik and my cousin will explore my laptop later. Pretty glad that I could dload above 25 vclip last nite,huh!!! Half vclip of that have been sensor at Malaysia, I don care bout it I just interested into their song and not to their act or features in the vclips.

Selamat hari raya n maaf zahir batin…

Im outta here.

See ya at final exam.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

StUddY WeEK!!!!!!!!!!!

Such a long long time didnt scratch at here. When the final exam in the corner there is no reason for ya lepak2 lagi. Besides, all report and project have to submit in this last weeks. Seriously for final it's seem tough for me coz' I've to score gile babeng. I know this is hazardous situation coz' my carry mark for certain subject not really good especially thermodynamics (yeh for thermodynamics I juz hope to get B-,A totally out of my mind).

When ppl (especially malaysian) blame and look underestimated our product like Proton's Car it's make me puke!!! They even don't know how tough and difficult to built a car. The fresh Engineering's graduate couldn't build car (diorg ingat senang ke nak study thermodynamic ngn fluids!!!).You have to get more experience. Don't compare Proton with other car like BMW,Merc even Honda or Hyundi, the have experience near half of century in that field. And we just need 20 years to market our car into international proud Im. Maybe parliamentarians should sell their Grand-Standard-Quality-Glorious car to feel how proud to drive Malaysia's car. I’m sort of wondering if the German's Parliamentarians drive GEN-2, Perdana or not. Enough is enough!!! To all ppl who talk a lot it is a rite time to stop talking and take action with sell your import's car and speak malay not English at hotel lobby and 5 star coffee house. That will show how patriotism we are as Malaysian,not only just sing a Negaraku (lil' bit sympathy about hattan's case, senang2 jek nak campak ke laut,ingat macam Pirate of Caribbean ke nak campak2 ). Otherwise about DAN and implicate to PROTON, we'll just have to see how things pan out. Hope all gonna be orait.

Blom and ijat already go back to their kampong, reza will go after. So, just me in this room. I make decision to blk kg late for one week coz I wanna study here. Berbuka time2 cuti ni ala kadar je la,moreover only one cafe onn during this study weekend, so messy and crowded, so juz cop any food yg bley masuk perut, janji kenyang. Im too lazy outing for buy a food (lucky I bought chipsmore for spare in case I get no food here,tak la kebulur)