Friday, June 23, 2006


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BuG's LifE RoBoT

Technical specifications

-PICI6F628A as processing unt
-Bluetooth KC-wirefree KC21 module enable inter robot and global communication
-2 Futaba servo motor s3003 as actuator
-A pair of IR sensors for obstacle avoidance
-Easy plug and play microchip inter-connector
-USB dongle in computer as communication port
-Easy remote control navigation for beginners.

Software = plz master in Borland C++, visual C++ pun boley....

Chan Kwok Wei
Bachelor Degree of Electric Eng.
Faculty of Electrical Engineering

Please dun ciplak bcoz dis creation already patterned by SIRIM. This is just for gain our knowledge,fella .

p/s: I'll do not update or reply any message for 4 days or maybe more start from Saturday until Wednesday bcoz I've a something to do.

Note shah :

aku mulai sedar bahawa bahagian enjin adalah bukan di bawah minat aku. Sampai sekarang walaupon aku telah belajar pelbagai jenis enjin namun aku masih tidak mengetahui perbezaan enjin 2 lejang dan 4 lejang . Minat aku lebih kepada material dan structure macam bangunan, bridge :- sheer stress, load, stress and strain etc. aku juga meminati bahagian mesin tapi bukan semua jenis mesin~

Monday, June 19, 2006


WheN MiDdLe Of JogGinG

Run forest!! Run forest!! Forest Gump runs 4 nothing. But fo'me, I am run for freedom, tooo feel free from stress and strain, to get ease breathe, its boost ma confident and givin me positive energy. Start from couple yearz ago (if na weather barrier or other important thing) until now, I will jog 3km nona-stop. Actually jogging is the easy exercise, everybody can do dat. I think it is same wi' swimming, both easy, simple and no need spend more time.

Sumerpeople said I ain't jogging but I am running faster. For me better I am running for 2km rather than 5 or 6km trudges. Evidently, it really so so tire, feel stuck in the middle of tummy, hard to breath but I am satisfies endless. Sumeday I know I need dis strength. For da tough future is need more than physical strength, you have to have mental strength gotta thru da future. And of 'coz it is can't built in short time, its need a ma I am jogging for my future

I am wanna give you 1 tip. I think it's really help you in certain embattled situation. When you are middle of jogging at by dat time your tummy is stuck, your thighs and calf seem goin to ach, and steps growing heavier, tat time practice a lot of irrepressible smile. Try the best of the way your smile.

Note shah
Malam yg lalu aku belajar membuat waffle dari chici, sgt mudah dan seronok, membuatkan aku terpikir sekeping waffle dijual antara RM2-2.50. bagaimanapun aku tidak perlu membayar harga sebanyak itu kerana chici memberi aku waffle percuma.. Malah aku sempat membakar waffle utk beberapa org pelanggan. Mungkin sebagai upah ~

Sunday, June 11, 2006



Just before I'd read the NST newspaper about interview Datuk Syed Ahmad Idid Syed Abdullah about his poison-pen-letter. Talk-about poison-pen-letter its reveal something that happened very unkind or unpleasant in order to offend or upset someone but someway it would become unsolicited letter. When I was in secondary school this type of letter very popular amongst us. Week by week confirm 2 or 3 letter had slid under the door of pengetua, kp or bilik gerakan pelajar. Of course dat content sometimes gonna be right and sometimes gonna be wrong but when tat letter receive by KP the investigation usually will do by them. But thing had been changed at pejabat pengetua when someday he said no more letter mean all letter anonymity will be trash. I am not da person who willing or terlebih rajin write this letter but I'd had experience and know someone who like doing this, but of course la I dun want to carik pasal as long as he never touch and mention my indiscipline action and behavior in that letter (sumetimes I am becoming sly person).

In the 2nd semester ago, so messy with poison- typing-memo (I think memo same channel kot with letter,hehe). It truly shock the University until the ICT shut down the e-community for awhile next day after the memo had be released by sumerone. The memo talk about one girl A**** that sex-addict. The memo is so detail had touched about her body, which part has tahi lalat, which part has her body look alike men part, what type condom she like, the hotel or so. The "hotshot" who sent that memo actually used other people account so eventually nobody could detect who send that crappy, but from odor of rumor said maybe it's from involvement from her relations too. Motive maybe becoz of dengki or ditinggalkan. Seriously this girl so tough becoz selamba kodok dia buat cam biasa je lepak at cafe which is everyone mumble nose to nose each other about that gossip. Still remember everybudy became gossipmonger. She is not feeling disgust and not recoil at all.

And who will forget about the successful storyteller in 1998 in the Malaysia history. The successful poison-pen-letter ever after.

note shah:
terbaru mengapa setiap kali posting ada "note shah". jawapnnya mudah sahaja, jika anda seorg peminat mangga(komik jepun) pasti akan terjumpa di kulit muka mangga nota dr penulis. jadi aku hanya meniru~~aku bersembang dgn jack dlm tempoh 30-40 minit, baru aku tahu yg sebenarnya dia bukan seorg muslim, dia adalah gadis punjabi!!! aku sangat terkejut, patutlah selama ini aku bermain dgn hset jack@ jasment kebanyakkan nama kawannya pelik-pelik semuanya.perkataan baru yg aku pelajari darinya"chandini". tapi seronok juga dpt kawan baru. dunia lebih terasa indah ~

Saturday, June 10, 2006


When Malaysian is more England than John Bull.

The hottest of world cup festival absolutely sprayed out to the all countries in da world. Unlucky Malaysia National Team as usually couldn't able to participate in dat tournament. Pusingan kelayakan pun quite tough for national team nak lepas. But it is not be barrier for Malaysian to celebrate the world cup fest. German, Brazil, Argentina, England and Portugal of course are favorite teams to grab the greatest trophy in this world. Last nite German beat Costa Rica 4-2 and for sure German die hard fun surely confident German in the rite track to win da title for 3rd time. But I am as Brazil supporter of course think Brazil is impeccably team to win this German's Edition world cup. Line up with the talented n gorgeous Brazilian like Kaka, Ronaldinho, Adriano, Carlos, Ronaldo will confine another team. Ok stop talking about my favorite team, Let's talkabout ma non- favorite team, England (England vs Paraguay tonite). Even England had ever win world cup once b4 but I think for this edition, they couldn't. Albeit their supporter claim England could because they have many talented and famous player like Roonie (injured ma), Owen (lost his touch), Crouch (I still doubt him), Lampard, Gerard and so but I think it's not enough for'em compare to German, Spain, Portugal, Argentina even Mexico (yup England players compare to other playesr are inept in handling of ball, I think). Btw attention (Malaysian) to England die hard fun especially Muslim plz do not wear their white flag with Red Cross jersey. Respect our religion k

London Fire Station Ordered to Remove Flag: Government Doesn’t Want to Offend MuslimsMay 6, 2006 @ 1:24 pm

Filed under The American Scene Just this week, government officials in England banned a London fire station from flying the Cross of St. George flag during the World Cup. The Cross of St. George is a white flag with a red cross and is considered by many Englanders to be the flag of England. The reason given the firemen was that the government is afraid of offending ethnic minorities. Of course, the term "ethnic minorities" is how Europeans typically refer to their Muslim populations .

note shah :
membaca nota atau siri pengembaraan seseorg pada aku sgt menghiburkan. seperti aku sendiri di alam pengembaraan trsbt. ini memuatkan aku percaya bahawa ilmu itu lebih baik jika ditambah dgn pengalaman. belajar dari hujung jari sahaja pada aku amat tidaklah proaktif. kerana kita tidak melaluinya sendiri, apa-apa pun kalau hendak belajar ilmu bola bukan di jari tetapi di kaki, hehehe(aku ketawa) ~

Friday, June 09, 2006

CuReNT Me PaRT (3)

Yar 1st love?
Cita monyet zaman skolah rendah dulu

NO at da moment

Current planning?
2 years rite from now

The people you are trust?
I dun believe ppl

Most quality do u has

Current effort
Hafal surah Al-Baqarah after sekian lamanya tertangguh dan tersangkut2

Your best friend
All my friends are my best friend.

Your enemy
Start from 2 years ago until now I dun have any enemy. Life is too short to hav a lot of enemy.

Team cooperation
Can work under pressure. Seriously, years ago my teammates just leave and let go at one assignment because susah sgt, so I was do my own self from beginning the assignment 1 hour b4 our presentation will started.

The difficult decision you had ever made.
Choose da program after spm, matrikulasi, tahun sifar utm or just wait and hope medic at UIA.

Current pointer.
3.01, still low!!! Last 2 semesters before I do not do well. Promise at least got 3.4 above after 8 semesters.

Nak muntah bila...
Girls tengok bola, main bola sepak/futsal , talkabout football, seriously xbley blah la

diner aku pd malam ini cuma sebungkus maggi asam laksa. ini mengingatkan aku betapa aku benci akan mee segera waktu umur aku 14 thn. sebab tiap kali aku makan maggi aku akan sakit kepala. hari ni hidung aku rasa lain macam je, tak tau sama ada nak selsema atau tak. dan tak tahu juga ia ada kaitan dgn maggi atau tak. sama ada maggi membuatkan aku selsema atau selsema yg membuatkan aku memakan maggi. ape2 pun malam ini akan terasa indah kerana world cup akan bermula. kepada cae (kawan aku yg belajar di German) bersorak gempitalah anda di sana ~

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

CuRrEnT ParT (2)

act this is tag....

name 3 skools u went to

name 3 things in ur purse/bagpack,bag
varieties of cads

name 3 things u do when u're really stressed
get the shower

name 3 places u go on daily basis
my room

name 3 fav fruits

3 names u go by

3 of ur fav foods

3 things u're wearing rite now

the whos

who's in the house with u?

who or what u're thinking about rite no?
boy, i need to call him..tonite maybe

who did u last talk to the phone
Pengetua MRSM kat kulim for sumethin important business

who did u sit next to in ur class

who was the last person u told u loved
dah lupa

who do u wish u were rite now

who gets u nerves the most at skool
kawad, i hate kawad sooo much

the wheres

where do u live?
tjg malim

where is ur phone
behind tv

where do u sleep
sofa, ma bed

where is the last place u took a ride to?

where r u now?
depan computer

The what

what was the last thing u ate?
nasik lunch td

what colour shirt u wearing
brown colooor

what is the closest item near u that is blue

what do u like best about skool

what is ur fav color
blue, brown, red..all color

what do u wear more: jeans or short

what is the laz movie that u watched
da vinci code

The when

when did u start skool
forgot la

when is ur birthday

when did u last go tp the mall
couple dayz ago

when was the ,laz time u bought a pair of pants

when did u last burn something
semalam burn kertas

just b4 main basketball, humang sooo letih. but 1st tyme can beat chinese, really satisfy. but still da interesting still dunnot same cam dulu

Sunday, June 04, 2006

CuReNT Me ParT (1) n My TeAM

Current me
Years = 21 years old
Ambitious = full time Engineer
Dream = Pengacara talk show, Triad or Mafia, Anthropologist
Current Hobbies = much into futsal less in basketball (I dun know y I loss interest in basketball)
Interest = I love cooking, in art maybe...
Current Book = the broker by john grisham, fiqh sunnah by Syeikh Sayyid Sabiq
Idol = Bill Ransic, Imam Hassan al bana

Favorite TV = the apprentice 1 and 2, score board
Favorite series = prison break, commander in chief
Favorite color = blue and green
Team = Barca, AC Milan, Gunners, Spurs
Player = Ronny (his skill), Henry (his art finishing), Kaka (his intelligence), Ginobili (his lay up) and Tony parker (his jump shoot)

Favorite author = Datuk Nordin, Pak hamka, john grisham, Amaluddin Darus
Favorite lyrics song = loloq, s amn sahib, axl roses, ahmad dhani
Favorite composer = M.nasir, melly, pharrel willian (the neptune)
Favorite poet = SN a samad said, cairil anwar, SN usman awang
Favorite editor/journalist = wan kamaruddin, ku seman ku hussin etc
Hate editor/journalist = branden fareira, Najmuddin Najib

World issue = all people look at Iran's issue but I'm most at Palestine's issue

My team
Just my observation. Actually it is between 2 big campaigns, bahasa and football (I thought these both just as a medium). Actually it's like "test market" la.

Bahasa = I think just utusan Malaysia je siarkan about it

My team = of course, all mass media lighting it up. Abundant sponsor from giant company and of course we could see involvement from young generation of urban teenz and kg teenz.

Who will win, and who will fail. We just can wait and see!!!!!
(Maybe sumer people understand wat I am write about and others is don't)