Monday, May 29, 2006

MaLay N PoVeRTy

(This, written in da bus on 16th of may 2006 via my h-set only da point, appeared during I look round at factory the place when I'd workin a couple years ago as penyusun batu bata yg berjaya sbb aku susun plg laju sekali =p, by dat tyme only RM20/5000 bijik batu bata perday,but I really need a money)

Poverty. Everybudy hates poverty but in malaysia we've a lot of poor family. Week by week TV3 was showin us bout the poor people. I dun've a problm to ppl thoroughly do not have ability or handicap as well as got suffering from illness problem, but I do have problem wi' helluva lazy people. Frankly, mostly of them wat we can see lazy rather than poor. Only less of'em got illness, handicap problem and orphan. (We so grateful bcoz we born with perfect physical, it doesn't matter you are not beautiful, hansom or with the other extraordinary watsoever. All praise is due to Allah!!!)

I'm also born in poor family. Can you imagine ma lovely hardworking mother awhile ago only got RM400 a month. dat money la for ma school, that money la for pay bill and otherz.
I thought wat the important think government has to do with this ppl with
1. Giv the suitable financial support/work for them (one of the reason DEB is failed because expand a financial support to wrong job to wrong person.)
2. Teach'em how to manage money and life (survive). (Malay ppl exactly poor in financial management)
3. Malay people lack of skill

I'm from this background and lil'bit I had known somethin. Most of'em r poor in manage their life. Instance, in Bersamamu at one episode the doctor said that this person lack of vegetable, fiber or otherz vitamin. Vegetables is so so easy, you can just plant it at surrounding you like kucai, pucuk ubi kayu,kangkung or so. And one you wanna get vitamin,of coz you've to plaint fruit tree. My mum until now, she is still plant kucai herself.

If u'r poor, do u want u child thru da same way withcu. I'm still remembering when I was standard one, though. My mum is alwayz repeat and repeat this "after primary school, ya've to go to secondary school, and after all y've to go to college level". n dis always plays in my mind. How you can go to school, you are poor? Yes!! But my mum so smart, she manages my food, my financial, my time to go to outside activity n home activity.

Food and money
For a day my mum juz cooks 2 times only, at morning n afternoon. She'll give RM0.80 for morning session and RM0.50 for evening session (bydat tyme dat money cukup la nak beli semua ). But I just spend half of them, I bring drink myself for morning session, and for evening I bring drink and food. I told myself dat I've to save at least 40cent per day. n when I got college my money already hav RM1000, dat money enough for me to buy all the things that needed. When I got my lunch my mum will separate the food for I'll eat and for a dinner.

Yup when I was in primary school I dun have kereta kontrol, kete daishing kuro, or others expensive stationary and things. Bcoz I provide that money for buy a bicycle, school shoes, school's fees and bookz and tuition(i am juz 1 tuition jek but nasib baik i am da one of pelajar harapan skolah n i got free tuition's fee for sc n math subject). I think it's important to Malay people especially to think wat da more important and what the less important, priority alwayz make perfect.

We've to support the dream, give a dream and hope to this ppl. Give'em small glimmer of hope that they've and could survive on their own. Speaking on dream initially I dun have a dream. I dun've a dream to go to college but my mum put this dream in my mind. I know I do not really excellent in study but at least I did well of myself. So I think dream and hope is needed and so important. Sumer ppl do not have a dream, dey just dreaming!!! Show them the first step. I know and I had faced that by, a very hard pace. I can feel ppl, being arisen from poor family it is a big tough. n da biggest things ya've to face reality. Always poor children have these probs
1. lack of confident
2. lack of soft skill
3. Self-cleaning. (I hates dirty person)
4. Solat . ( It doesn't cost money guyz,i am not bagus sgt ade gak tinggal but at least dlm sehari kena buat la gak)

For all those things, it is becomes our responsibility and big challenge to government to-gether to cultivate an image of Malay people look alike what we r intended. Also, we could see whether da government wi' their purpose to bring achievement among Malaysian (or nowadays people call as modal insane) or not. Thus also, we could see whether RMK9 will success or fail. That's my point exactly!!!!

I like to quote brilliant words from Ungku Aziz "peratusan pegangan ekuiti(30,20 atau 25%) itu bukanlah ukuran keadaan ekonomi orang Melayu yang sebenar. Apa yang lebih penting ialah pembasmian kemiskinan masyarakat desa yang rata-ratanya masih jauh ketinggalan."
*30% is a target of DEB but fail

" Orang(Melayu) barangkali agak terkeliru kerana dari semasa ke semasa ada ahli silap mata baru yang muncul (siapa eh?) dengan keajaiban baru"

"pentingnya menanam semangat berusaha serta mengubah sikap orang Melayu kepada pendidikan(merangkumi semua aspek,masuk university is not da biggest thing but ape yg penting menambah nilai tambah dlm diri),kesihatan, pemakanan(food) dan amalan rasuah."

*dlm kurungan tu aku tambah =)

Hardworking will pay for long run, dude!!!

I got call from HEP to register at 24 June as facilitator 2 weeks earlier. This coming 6th June I've a meetin for expo. How's my JOB as penjual burger!!!! I am only work for one month, alas, world cup da important damn thing!! Of course I'll miss many games. Hogwash!!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

HaRi2 GuRU

jika hari ini dia seorg pemimpin yg dipilih rakyat,
jika hari ini dia seorg peguam yg menang bicara,
jika hari ini dia seorg ulama,
jika hari ini dia menjadi dewasa,
ingatlah sejarahnya bermula dari seorg guru biasa,
dgn lembut dia mengajar tulis baca,
jadilah apa pun pd pengakhiran,
panggilan cikguku akan kekal hingga ke akhir hayat.

SN usman awang

actually poet above not complete, i'm juz heard twice be4, so not really sure.

Cikgu saadiah, Sir. sundar, Ustaz fahmi, Cikgu Idris, Yang Mulia cikgu Raja Fadhil, Ustaz Azmi, Cikgu Marini, Miss madihah and others, so many, couldnt scribble here.thanz have me as ur student!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

IpOH MaLi...

The famous poet Thomas Wolfe said:

" u can never go home"

For me definition of home has a lot. For me home are the place you are living, da place teach you sumethin' bout life and da place you are really comfort from other place.

Have you ever when u go back to ya old place, yar tear seems come down? I ain't dramatis but dat happen to me, I see with my eyes and savor the experience, Ipoh make me heart so touching, twinge feeling. Suddenly all memorizes glimpse thru my mind. Ipoh never never grown up much, still same.1st place I stepped into at Ipoh Parade. The place that I thru my teen, I could smell the aroma at game's arcade, still as same as dulu. Juz ppl ther had changed.

At behind arcade itself placed a foot court, to increase that feeling I cop a bowl of sizzling mee(that mee change much, why? Is it my tongue or dat mee had changed? No idea). I'd insisted to get claypot and kinda of tauhu, while ago those things aku taram jek but now little bit cautious because ppl dat sell that food mostly Chinese, although halal trade had published in front of. Oh yup, before this I'm alwayz wonderin' about purma, her face. Her face look alike someone but I'm forgot and I'm alwayz thinkin wher had I ever seen tat face? Now I'm realized the "twin" of purma work as cashier at GSC. While ago,before I'd enjoyed the movie occasionally chit chat (my 1st intend wanna ngorat, tehehe... but our age as a barrier la) wi' that gal.

Generally Food court is between of GSC and arcade, and front of'em is cyber cafe and at the other side is bowling plaza. Those separated by sidewalk dat while ago my friend and I had used it for change our uniform school. Uniform changes into black t-shirt synonymous.

I was clattering my dishes and glancing over at variety of type of ppl besides try to finish the remains of mee but still cannot (that kuah itself make ma esophagus larger and vomit) then I saw the cyber cafe, I am not enthusiastic whatsoever to play at the arcade, indeed. So, I just enter that cafe and surf the internet. Nothing to surf actually (but the sofa sungguh empuk and air-conditional make me sleepy), just check my mark for final exam but still not release at all. I'm chatting little bit and leave~. Ah ha, im realize sumethin', abundanta tiny mesen karaoke 1 hinggit here and there, maybe this is current trend kot.

I looked outside of parade, wi' a clear of view from rear back window we could see wat we call as dataran. At dis place ma friends who are smoking had smoked. lepaskan gian diorng. If I'm na mistaken I'd ever slept at that place twice. Sejuk giler tido atas simen memalam. But be careful if you are lepaking at that place because pau always happened ther. Biasala anak2 melayu yg buat keje tu. For chinese they r prefers stay out at nite at bistro or pup behind dat dataran. Thus, we could see 2 classes of citizen. Then, I'm wandering around ipoh parade, lookin' for reject shop but dunnot cop anythin.

The 2nd place I went is TC. Segala2nya ada di sana, cewahhh!!!kiddin' folks. Act TC is small town and I am not sure the capacity of people there. But that make TC seems crowded caused of PUO's student. TC is still same, high info, TC IT, kriss and etc still exist. If do you want get the cheapest cyber cafe here u musta go. 1 hour just cost less than RM1.50. And the performance of computer is superb, internet is faster with the button of keyboard so smooth, tarak sangkut2 kalo type. Whaa the interestin bout these cyber cafe is how dey arranges da computeres, so smartest. One room is for game and room for internet. Often 4,5 computer they arrange the specialize position for people who gonna browsing pornography website. Anotha cyber cafe like Idaz cyber cafe provide 24 hours service.I’d tried find out Ayu and his moto honda bulat but couldn't. Ayu the TC's bitch-ever after.

Couple years ago I'm alwayz asking me myself, what I'd learned when I was teen?im just felt that didn't learn anything!!! But now I'm surprising I'd learned a lot. I presume, everything I went thru before this truly gives me different perception and experience. Learn about friendship, get and give, missing, love and worth babeh!!!

p/s: thanz to kimmy coz give me a shelter at his umah bujang. Dia pesan tolong carikan awek budak U utk dia, wakahkah...

i wrote this entry and listening song :photograph by nikelback. that song story about memory in teenz tymes life.

Sport news at Bulliten utama last nite, I was shocked tgk muka haneef my friends will play hockey for this coming SUKMA for KL, eh i thought dia ni dah cukup umur.

Monday, May 15, 2006


holla guyz...

nothing to jolt down here rite now...but thanz to miss esah/azie coz mention about my blog. tercapap lak this crippy blog,ngeh he he....azie y dun u leave ur tag at ma shout box??

for dayat,eika and other "happy examination day"...

i got part tyme job....20 buckz a day, as penjual burger...rather than ok!!!!

current, try looking for novel di bawah lindungan kaabah by Pak hamka. i'd read dat novel b4,though. but 5 yeaz ago la...yesterdae lepak-ed at novelhut 2 hourz but still dunna get dat book.

chalo bello~

Friday, May 12, 2006

cRiSiS part (2)

Holla guy...okay we'll continue bout crisis. Why crisis could helps us at certain part. Sumertimes crisis make us more energetic to do some work. But ya must remember this crisis should be held at appropriate issues. If we involve in crisis as you can see we r more desire to prove we are at the rite decision or idea. This urge, if we could control and manage in suitable time and condition, of course will produce a good leverage eventually come out with quality of product or solution.

Btw, you have to understand and know crisis is not same as discomfort. The crisis isn't the problem, bt when crisis is poorly managed, that is PROBLEM. So it is important to the honcho in that group to have capability to conduct their member.

Finish about benefits of crisis. For the further class i'll talk about types of action that causes workplace conflict.

I am continuing watching prison break series after a while ago I want do dat,until now 8th episodes. TV8 had launched its 1st episode last 10 April its replacing lost season 1. Last night I'd had read some article and had interested to one article about Japan. In that article briefing about how systematic they are in life.I won't vindicate about that article here, though. But make me think, do we ready to achieve wawasan 2020?

Japanese wat we could see having great discipline in time management. They r thoroughly punctual. Ther, every second must be considered and that why even by the bullet will come and go on da tyme. Compare to us immensely macam langit and bumi la. Here, often had been happened in arranging tentative for some program we had expect dat ppl will come late 15 or 20 minutes from da rite time, so as solution we take an easy way to write down in tentative paper 15 or 20 minutes earlier from the actual tyme. For Malaysian it is normal and decent as called as "janji melayu". Tis mindset truly must be changed. Start with our self! For example try attending yarself 5 minutes earlier from da tyme you suppose to be there. Be better you could influence your others friend to do likewise. Be time, write down the true tentative, dun always use range like 8 am to 9 am. Stick it at 8.10 am!!!

Talkabout environment, our people hopeless!!! Easy to find sampah here and there even behind rubbish bin also we can see dat sampah abundant laying on that site. Is it difficult to throw out dat rubbish into the rite place? Onething dat make me puke out, using the public transport especially bus, my finger like to dance, touch this and that side accidentally my finger reach at singam that someone put it at a seat or a wall of bus. How bush*** it is!!! So disgusting!!! And have you ever had shamelessly when you shoes terlekat singam pastu kertas or plastic melekat sama kat tapak kasut and you are terkial2 pull-out that stuff from your shoes. This accident occasionally happens at a bus stop or an alley.

When we goes into respect nad dignity, how we will see although we r alwaz had been heard and proud with our budaya timur, I am wonder is it budaya timur being as a part of our life? Last semester I've bad experience had happened, my task gonna get da several companies list at **** factory, I'd have to meet the head engineer, Mr X to see the list of company that got business with'em. So the 1st place dat I went is the main office, da staffer asked me to go anotha department bcoz Mr.X be ther, so wi'out further ado I went there and asked one (MALAY) engineer, I am certain, but I was shock when he juz ber aku, engko jek and what I was seethed the word he was used too rude and rather brusque wi' us. At last malas nak ckp bebanyak just had had flounced out of him, but my friend too polite said thankz to him. That vicious klutz just pouted her lip (hey bro, better your pouting lip stick it up your own ass la). Is it really diff enough to him to talk politely? But thankz God at last we met dat Mr. X and fortunately he is a nice guy, had given me watz we need and show his interested on wat we are doing.

Being as 1st class citizen and want look highest respect by anotha people outside these things you have to consider and take importantly. Punctuality, hardworking, respect each other have to plant in heart every ppl in this beloved country. Many things should be consider if we wanna bcome as 1st class citizen. It's not about how highest you could built the building, how long ketupat or lemang dat always IPTA's student have doing when hari raya come along, how many casinos do you have and how many DEB or so on do you had proposed, with our attitude and mind not in 1st class condition, the wawasan 2020 is just will-o'-the-wisp that we are chasing for a decades. It doesn't sense anything than more strenuous and craving out the successfully.

I am still waiting my job, when la Mr. Rosli gonna call me. Otherwise our competition's form for this competition had released yesterday. So for ppl out there who wanna join it please contact me. RM4000 for the winner.

Rite now try and learn how to use proper and accented English. I got A for 1st semester, A- for 2nd and 3rd semesters and for the last English 4th semester I am just get B!!!! ni semua sbb my broken English la.


p/s: gd luck for eika, do da best for your mid year exam'. Remember eika write the correct essay ya!!! Jgn tertulis essay utk blog,hehe...

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

CRiSiS part (1)

On my bed with 2 pack of Twisties n Cadbury, nyum...nyum

Everybody put alot of attempt to avoid from crisis. It is not a sweet dream when you got crisis wi' someone or some organization. Obviously, crisis we could see much in one group or one organization and it is absolutely normal. I don't like him, I don't like her attitude, she is too dominate, how she dare reject my idea!!! I got de opportunity to attend one seminar bout management crisis. If ya refer back the meanings of crisis from books dat related to management skill, crisis itself is mean when two or more value, perspectives and opinions are contradictory in nature and haven,t been aligned or agree about yet.

But sumethin all ppl always misunderstood boutit it, not all crisis is bad. Sumertimez we need it and we have to hav it. Sumeway crisis helps us to raise and address problem. Would you know or detect a problem if all ppl working wi' u agree or juz angguk2 your idea ? Of course not!!! Yup, witout crisis you can detect yar problem, but by dat tyme you almost done your work or project, that tyme to late the rice turn into porridge (nasi dah menjadi bubur). It's normal if you gotta act too offensive about ur idea at the beginning but if you try to deliver a good explanation about ur idea and at da same tyme take anotha opinion and suit it in yar idea, it will be better. Sume may satisfy ppl, but remember you can't satisfy all ppl !!! It's normal,guyz.

Besides dat, crisis helps people "be real". For example it motivates ppl to participate in discussion (not a ckp2 belakang) or in running an activity. Without crisis,da progress of activity or program will be slower rather than u expected. But in dis case like I said, its need all ppl in that organization understands the meanings of spirit of workin in group. It's bcoz when u behind this understanding you couldn't see how important you are in dat group. still, u have to work even your idea has been rejected!!! But for those do not understand, dey will say dat yar problem not their problem," I tell it is couldn't be work, but you all reject it. So it's in yar hand, solve by your own!!!". So it's really2 important to all ppl that will work in an organization or group to understand you have to work, be practice. I know it really hurt when your idea has been mocked but wut u gonna get if u resign and give up. You'll be hated and discriminated against.its no use crying over split milk.

I think dat all for my motivation class tonite, I'll continue about this later. See you next time, at da sametimes and at da same channel. wakaka....

Tomorrow I'll back home and it feel nicely,can relax my mind after 1 semester fully loaded with study (actually 30 % letih study, 70 % letih main). Read a book; e-bookz and bookz dat I'd have download and bought before. Onething, I dunnot make any decisions yet whether I wana work at FKM factory (skim pelajar bekerja) or not. Juz b4 met Mr. Rosdi, the head engineer, he asks me to reply da memo and apply that job. The salary pretty good, RM3.5 per hour but I dunnot tell my mum yet. If I gonna work, of coz my 3 month holiday will be cut and juz to be 2 or 3 week. That job until June but after that I've to stay here for my competition project. For working at home of coz it will be imporsible, none will hire you for a 2 or 3 week period. But at the sametymes I've less money. Takpe la i am believe rezeki ada di mana2...

Photobucket - Video and Image Hostingtata my meja~nex sem im going to anotha room

Tribute to Pramoedya Ananta Toer

dlm masa terdekat 2 org penulis telah meninggal. pramoedya ananta toer(81 thn), apa yg aku suka mengenai beliau adalah beliau menulis dlm lingkungan "apa yg dia tahu". tidak melalut2, tidak over... meskipun karya2nya spt Tetralogy Buru(4 novel). secara jujur karya2 tidaklah menjadi tumpuan aku dan terasa amat jauh sekali utk aku.

Pram dikenali sbg anti-suharto, dipenjara dan pernah tinggal dlm buangan di era suharto.itulah hadiah utk seorg pejuang.