Saturday, April 21, 2007



when i was kid when we fight or confront with one boy one way he wanna be friend with us again he'd bribed us with candy and of course he privileged from rich family. when we fight again the boy will bribe again, again and again. we dont like him but we merely just like his candy.that one story.end.

seriously i dont like politik, politik always make me disgust. when pilitikus from any party make a speech im always vomitted harsh criticism. maybe i dont feel it, i dont feel politik in the right way but what the obviously i dont like politik.ijok election is held at 28 april saw us fracas from 2 party, batu,botol mineral, kayu dok buat ikat banner all been thrown to each other. i dont have any idea is that people resident of ijok or no.the both parties stating that the riot is being spark from the opposite party but i believe both are wrongdoer. how came they are claim they are good citizen if that situation show us everything that good citizen shouldnt do. im bit anxious if kids are see that fracas. how the old people show them act to the growth kid and it is not healthy!!

for resident of ijok this is my advise, i know im still young and not educated from oxford university, im not director of any business department like pnb or im not gradute from any islamic instituation juz kid who desire to candy. so for ijok-ian, this is time to u'all to obtain any-needed things and necessities, if u dont able to get tuition for yar child plz make proposal for 5 years free tuition (maybe bakal yb could effort it bcoz he is teacher before), if u dont have tarmac then u can request for it, balai, longkang,anak sakit, kerusi roda, kenderaan,jambatan,kain pelekat but for me for the 1st thing ever after plz focus on yar child education. dont think such a big thing will happen to ur residental like klcc will build up behind ur house, or shopping complex will provide at ur town perhaps. every single picture that they try to show u how developed our country plz aasume just as illusion. education is more important, kain pelekat maybe at 2nd place. try to request better equipement,material,scholarship for educational. do u savvy ijok-ain?

im savvy,and im savor my candy rite now.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007



back to 6 years before....

my geo teacher asks a question to my whole class, which one town in perak that blooming rapidly. so everybuddy buzzing around n i am the one. so my teach pick me up and asked me to answer that question. so im with playing-behaved answer that question "tanjung malim cikgu" and then PANG...PANG...PANG...n again PANG. i got slapped.

after 6 year that story happened, wokwagon(how r spell this car brand correctly) still do not stipulates their interested to joinventure with proton, national car-boost to our economy. despite pm had repeated to meet their topmost executive but till rite now still no news about worrying this billion-business industrial will blow down. the desicion to buy lotus is correct, the desicion to buy itallian company also is correct, but until one budak itam mengacau all seemingly going wrong with proton.they got abundant car in inventory, the supplier's problem, many technical problem with car that sell in malaysia, expensive component,affluent of AP n etc.

1) close a vendor n import component from china
2) don sell our car with proton brand for abroad instead of use lotus brand
3) thank God malaysian only have one budak itam, not 10 budak itams
4) malaysia's price and export price for proton car should be same price
5) i still waiting meeting between proton n workwagon
6) if ur town have factory car,it isn't indicated ur town well-developed
7) and u gonna be slapped if give that reason

who's blow out who's?

Monday, April 16, 2007


what i'd learn today, plz be honest, dont double face...
yeh couple of weeks i got learn too many thing, even it is small thing but i so grateful to learn something.better than nil

1. be honest
2. juz read and dont wait
3. dont study at certain time, but study all the time
4. dont buy rice and some sort that thing from any fast food outlet
5. dont believe any theory till u prove it
6. subsantive realtionship it real, but sometime u've to struggle too
7. when u talk sumething serious dont smile n laugh
8. when u drible the ball, dont focus only the ball, watch out ur steps
9.lay up can be anything, so be careful ur step n juz jump.
10.friendship is so pure..i have it and i don want lose it
11.grab ur child's hand even u try ur pants in a fitting room
12.tie ur child up to ur belt if u have hyperactive child.

is it bore to u, isnt? i dont care.better than i cheat u at here.

p/s: i try to be honest n enunciating my word.

Friday, April 13, 2007


GrUeLinG SeSSiOn

1. why dont you built up the cim networking, framework jus wasting of time
2. i dont see the relating of cim with mpr and mps anymore
3.i want to see the all element have been linked together
4. show me ur flow of production figure
5.u have to get all parameter that needed to produce for mould
6. we just produce one mold,so what kinda we need such a cim at lab
7.i think drwing the framework jus spent 20 minutes each
8. i think u dont understand ur topic me the data u'd collect
10.what meaning by mrp
11. i think ur project too big, for example eventory we could make as one topic. u think ur project can be succes because u never test before that ur project will make as proposal for lab
14.dantom??(actually till rite now i aint sure the spelling of this)

what the interesting non-panel pun asking the question.owh...!!!

but alhamdulliah i answering and explaining for all question word by word because i know they jus wanna see how im responce to the question otherwise.but how my result look alike,still, i juz can say wait n see...i sensed depend on my luck.

anecdote's story
- one of student give the shut of one panel's mouth by using this sentences " plz dont ask a stupid question", after he had been attacked by panel question by question.
-one of the panel asks many question although sambil2 sedap menguyah nasik di pinggan
-one of the panel give a punch to one presenter to show him perfectly exemplifies what meaning by experiment

Datuk N bHasa MeLaYu
"8TV juga tidak mengenepikan penggunaan bahasa Melayu dalam beberapa programnya seperti program terbarunya, Project Runaway dan So You Think You Can Dance, drama bersiri Gol dan Gincu serta program realiti popular tahun lalu, One In A Million.

let sharing our bahasa melayu with bahasa inggeris. one in a million is a good example, howa one judger cannot speak malay and the rest of judger half cook-speak malay. juri kencing menari,peserta kencing menyanyi.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007



i've attend a presentation for psm today. and today is the first presentation for mechanical engineering, althought this is for mechanical there have panel from mathematician too. So, for a person got mathematician as their panel then must be so grateful. onething that i'd learn today is

1. please dont choose project that related to mechanism, it's difficult. i do it in my pure subject and for a person do not take that subject maybe think it easy. Believe me just to find DOF(degree of freedom) is kinda difficult.
2. prepare, if dont please has a surfeit of smile a lot.
3.dont be belligerent person
4. i've to prepare.

but nite is getting late, before this (12.50am) i got a lot to do, find out cambridge installer is pretty enough effort, to search out product key for visio software soo stupid and all problem come out in unison.until i finish it, i lost my mood to prepare my slide and read 2 inch book, 1 thesis and 1 report as a package in this "umpteen" times. better lost myself in sleep i think or maybe.

one more think, after this i've to wearing my glass except when i goes to sport and jog. juz before someone call me and i dont give any reflect to the calling. it will give melting heart to the person especially someone whom still new to u. the person who already knew me ofcoz easily they profound exactly who is me, they will think " ofcoz shah do not wear his spek that y he cannot reply us" or "shah tgh buta tu sbb xnampak kita".

my left eye= 175
my rite eye=150

and both eyes seemingly to close tight rite now. im drifting off....zzzz

Saturday, April 07, 2007



I felt juz like crazy. Im already registering my name for one competition kinda like the apparantice's reality tv's show(intra Uni first, n 4 topmost team will go futher international compettn)and at the same time try to compete myself involving in 300km-rakit's xpdc. im quite sure that both will fall down at the same time and date, ofcoz my team mate in the competition will blame me if they will be disqualified caused of my inconsideration n absence . It kinda tough when u have to run 2.4 km in the bright sun above 10 minutes, i can do that ofcoz, i'd pointed that to u,hehe...usually i do not use much more adrenaline to run that kind of distance but for that day suddenly my hand shake and numb a bit.i'd expectorated couple of time to balance my body and finally i got no. 2 in that run overall.What the hell my time 7.00 s!!!ofcoz no really satisfied bcoz i can run 3km with under 7.00s.

being in the water is really exhausted no doubted, indeed u've move against to up a river. i've had spent this morning floating myself in the river for +/- 3 hours, all part of bodies had became shrunk. But sometimes it become larger too!!haha...tq for one pakcik n his family(i don know his name) coz of his warm welcoming to us and had prepared kuih that i dont know its name.after we got tired in the water field n lil' bit hot tea brought out to ur throut will fine berbudi kita berbahasa,tq pakcik,i'll catch up later whenever ur corn's tree at ur backyard producing the fruit.....

for pay my adrenaline back i'd slept for whole evening till asar without perform my zohor's prayer. Astaga...dont blame the ppl,if u dont. N dont blame the time if u dont make the time. I've blame myself...

poll time
rite now who are most popular person at malaysia??
a)yin sweet boy
b)ebi-AF5's boy
c)Shaziman Abu Mansor

who's Shaziman ?? i don know him, why should i want to know him??

how to find this men??
1. open google page
2. type shaziman
3. there will hundred about shaziman it and then u know how famost this person

why r most of radio station play that same song-what song?-that song u wanna boikot some sort of that radia, dont u wanna?

Tuesday, April 03, 2007



Yesterday for the 1st time i'd lifted 100kg for chest press n lit pull down equipments. it is so satisfying when after a month u'd with 80kg in a bit of predicament. And i am pretty sure that weight will increase from time to time. Is it mean i can see the future,cant i??no, i am just predict. Predictability will make us always be alert to sumething else going be happend future. It(hypothesis) come from many way include the fact and de idea that we get along. But ofcoz during we cross the path sometimes a miracle will pop-out and give us a lucky tendency.
But...the "gifted" from above always had been unnoticed by us. Again, it's depend to our ability to take a control and use positively the miracle at the appropriate way.

NGO to the rescue of blind graduate
Tiada penyingkiran AF5
RM60 million home in Perth
How to free kiss

I am always grateful and happy that so many people meet their luck out there. So do i, i hope sooo.

Sunday, April 01, 2007


NaHnu FiDaKa Ya Rasullah

Marhaban ya Nuural 'Aini
Marhaban Jadal Hussaini

Sesungguhnya diri ini tidak mampu menyintaimu seperti sahabat2mu,
Juga tidak mampu utk mencintaimu sebagaimana para pejuangmu,
Dikala nafas terakhirmu mengucapkan kalimah ummati-ummati,
Di sini umatmu dibantai oleh musyrikin kafir,
Tiada daya aku membantu umat-umatmu,
Adakah masih sanggup jiwa ini utk mengaku cinta kpd mu ya Rasullah?

Namun aku sentiasa berdoa-semoga hati yg satu ini akan,sentiasa,selalu,setiap detik mencintaimu lebih dari segalanya.Segala yg ada!!!