Thursday, September 22, 2005


I got the opportunity gotta go to a factory's trip. Actually I just replace Aina, she is segan-segan nak pergi 'coz she said her don not have accompany. We start our journey at 7.30 a.m and such a bore journey. I just sleep..zzzzzz....Seriously before we arrives that factory I imagined that factory fo'shezzy huge compare to our kilang. But after we got there, no!!!! the size of factory just like my house with all unarranged stuff and all kinda messy up. Guyz!!! That factory is a larger factory in making machinery in Malaysia, even their product gonna be export to Indonesia, Filipina, and Thailand. And what the immensely surprised is in Malaysia, we just have 2 factories that produce machinery!!!!! The MD of factory Mr. Richard Tan (his dress up totally doesn't show his millionaire) told us he just have 2 engineer and 10 workers. I ask him personally which one important book or experience and he said "the experience". How the expertise they are they can create their own formula to build up the machine.

After we are finish the factory field we spent around 4 hours at KLCC. Nothing impressive but Udin, Awie, Octovia, Hema Lata, Ramesh and I spent a few hours at petrosains. My 1st time experience enters the petrosains (tu la time kecik2 dulu xnak masuk after dah tua baru la terhegeh2). Plus I'd been met up octovia, hema, ramesh and awie. They are friendly especially Hema Lata. Actually I'd a bit of scared coz' seriously I do not recognize who go that trip; kang tak pasal-pasal jadi kera sumbang. But my impression totally out, they are friendly. A lot a funny thing happened there. We had try papan lungsur, wow!!!DAMN, I feel an intense hollow feeling in the pit of my stomach.

Before we gotta go, I buy doughnut from dunkin donnat for Aina. Then got the bus n chow….we got our dinner at MD's. n then arrived at College around 11 p.m.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

cik kiah trip

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tgh bohsan giler

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octovia,me,hema,awie,haza n ramesh 

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hema posed like barbie 

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octovia tgh terseksa but trying to smile evendoh~ her body feeling hurt by nails 

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i'm lovin it 

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Mr. Gan try to sing a song with us

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my pren i lepaking at R&D

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da biggest milling machine in malaysia(know guyz this si 2nd hand worth 1/2million dolar)

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

back to da skool!!!!!

I’m back to campus…the long-long journey begin again at here. During holiday I'd been meet up my cutey sedara, Are leen. She is still didn't get any University(IPTA), her result actually pretty ok but maybe the last year intake the competition might be tough. She told that she will try for nov intake. Minah's sister went to Indian for medic last Sunday. I'd have lepak with cae for awhile 30 minute before getcha my bus. He'll flight on January next year. Men!!! All my pren gotta get their best. Aswad at Russia,azizul at Australia,mamat at Uk, Goro at India for medic, even mali will going to Japan n bla bla…..Cuma aku ngn Don jek tersesat kat "College". Sometimes life totally changes at all. I do my best for my PMR but I loo my SPM.
GOT IT!! I got da insight….

GOD bless me...

i'ma free...

Monday, September 12, 2005


Sammy Vellu mentioned that the toll charges in Japan are much more expensive than ours. Mustapha also mentioned that the petrol in UK 7 hinnnnnggit per litter much more expensive than ours. Enough is enough!!! The salary of a sweeper there is RM4000 a month, the same as an associate professor here. Their professor earns some RM 30 000 a month. A tukang sapu here earns less than RM 500 a month. How his income and spending could be compared to his 'colleagues' in Japan or UK.

Prof. Hamdan is rite the big impact when the toll charges or petrol raise is to "golongan bawahan" (like me even price of bawang n bunga kantan also raise!!!). No wonder la laksa at gerai now not really as sedap as dulu………..

Thursday, September 08, 2005

CuCUMBeR in Da MoRNinG,DeBaTe

I am at home for one week holiday mid term. Lepaking with my homey, yeh they all mat rempit (juz aku jek bukan, I'm sooo naïve about motorcycle n juz recognize EX-5,RXZ,Kriss jek, sooo pity!!! ) get the new story about how’s my place is gone with out me (hey I aint joyah or mami jarum that hear some story "oter"it then spread it out). I am juz gonna share something interesting n funny maybe…….my friends Ayei n Rahmat take a 2 hot chick back to their home at 3 am.SHIT!!! How I miss this fascinating part. But before anything gonna be 'happen' terkantoi-ed with Ayei's parent . Then heboh whole nite at my lorong, my neighbors got up from sleep n mula la open the window half, toeing, just want to know what going happen. The goodish-goodish chick juz selamba yaya and as cool as cucumber as if nothing had happened when ppl start to assemble them. After lil' bits torture them ppl ask them to send that chickz back to their home. The gory details so long to write down whether they all sempat doing ehem2 ke or anything.

One week at home all childhood memory came out into my mind. Fishing, cycling, tuju tin, street soccer, hockey, fight with otai lorong kubur is all the nice memory.

I accidentally read article about PAS have muster its forces to make debating with UMNO. It is sound like me interested to talk about politic, which I am not. Before they gonna make a meeting just listen, hello PAS majukan la dulu kelantan, n to UMNO, how about ur ISLAM HADARI are going, almost kebobrokan akhlak amongst the teenagers like we can see mostly Malay monyets (too rude huh but P Ramlee said "apa yg kamu loncat2 tu , macam monyet"). Talk about debating, suddenly the memory of form 3 comes out thru my mind. I've been participate into debating when I was form 3. Not really remember about the title of debate (goofed up pretty much ya !!), it's sound like IPTA or IPTS, mana yg lebih bagus or something like dat la. On that title my group chosen as a government that gives the speech to support IPTA better than IPTS. Turn to me to give speech; my title is komplikasi IPTS ke atas pemikiran konvergen dan divergen, sound gempak rite!!!hahaha…actually I got that word from book wrote by AINON ABDULLAH. Honestly, that buku actually not discuss about IPTA or IPTS pun. I am juz sebat jek that istilah to make it more gempak. Because of that gempak la no questions or objections from opponent. (huh so easy ya even I’m just have 1 point, potent point !!hehehe). I thought the opponent didn't understand what I am talking about. I also ask to my teammate, they also didn't understand, no wonder la coz I’m also didn’t understand what I am talk about. My group won that competition n I became the best debater but my career in debating juz until there. It is not because I'm jaded or dishearten or anything, it is because I aint interested into debating. I am well found myself just interested into how our mind working, mantic n something remotely related with thinking process and that why I've been read that book by AINON. There have one person even though more ppl look underestimate him less than salute (I don know why, we always get a wrong thinking about person with their alter ego).He always appears at Ipoh (Medan Kid, sometime TC) n at KL (Jln Tun Razak, CM, Pudu). Easier to recognize him wi' his serban, fully jubah, and tag swing at his chest "ketua saintis sedunia"(nampak cam gile kan?). I do realize maybe he is not scientists leader (even I bet he also don know about Newton Raphson's method) but he is smart person, knowledgeable and he is good in mantic n thinking progress. He has been ever met Tony Buzon. So his knowledge, we juz can say any doubt. Anotha person who are best in mantic include Mr. Rozman, Ustaz Fahmi, Ustaz Abdullah (Ulama' Fekah). Actually the form 3,I thought that is my "boundary" between as a child n teen. At that year I started to open up art book such as with read Di Bawah Lindungan Kaabah by Hamka but not really remember about the plot or the whole story though.

~i'm outta here~

Monday, September 05, 2005

STuPiD Me, D.E.B?

Act I'd wrote this in the slanting late-evening unlucky-miss-quiz-Friday…

Today I feel like shit, tell u da truth because I've had face off dumb stupid thing today. I got sleep quite late yester-day nite, thus, I got up lil'bit late today (act big2 late). Wut the point I wanna say here is I miss 2 quizzes for subject microprocessors n math. I get da feeling that I've had trouble involved wi' this. U know guys miss da quizzes something like u have a valuable check until this morning but failed to cash it because getting up late. KLUTZ!!!! For subject microprocessors I aint really sacred coz there have many ways I can manage to get score but for the math the mark for quiz is pretty big. Mean if u don't attend the quiz u will loo big mark. Fair or not, it’s the way thing will be, HOGWASH. I guess the person who didn’t attend the math quiz only me, din n jedy, this is because Mr. Zuki juz inform to automotive student about it. They both try to explain to Mr. Zuki n try to ask for re-quiz but unfortunately fail. And now, without further ado I do realize that I should STUDY!!! It is not easy to grab degree. Not like others institution that juz lepaking at bungalow, wi' nice dishes, sponsored wardrobe, and what the shamelessly, itu pon bley LUPA lyrics n after 3 months u can get certification. hint… hint (stupid joke's sophomore from me).
Moral: u can drifting off in da middle of class session, u can chat in da class, even u can main sms but plz don miss that class!!!

Totally hazardous situation!!

Here wanna upload some article. This article quite long so I cutting out several of paragraphs.

……..Saya amat bersetuju dengan pandangan Pak Ungku bahawa dasar pendidikan negara skg ini adalah tidak konsisten dan sering berubah2. contoh yg tepat yg diberikan oleh Pak Ungku ialah pengajaran sains n math dlm b inggeris. Bagi beliau perubahan polisi ini amat merugikan masa depan anak bangsa melayu sendiri.
Dlm wawancara ini Pak ungku juga menekankan akan pentingnya anak2 muda Melayu menanamkan dlm diri mereka rasa cinta kepada ilmu pengetahuan. Beliau melahirkan rasa kecewanya tentang kesan yg sedang merebak di kalangan anak2 remaja melayu yg lebih mementingkan hiburan Fantasia sehingga mereka sanggup menangis, berpelukan, terkinja2, melompat2 tanpa arah tujuan…..

From Dr Syed Azman Nawawi regarding wawancara between Mingguan Malaysia and Prof. Diraja Ungku Aziz about DEB (respek lah this icon!!!)

….Pak Ungku: Kepada saya, tidak begitu penting sama ada orang Melayu mencapai pemilikan ekuiti 18 peratus, 30 peratus atau 50 peratus sekali pun. Ini kerana orang Melayu secara umumnya masih lagi masyarakat luar bandar.
Kalau kita hendak mengayakan orang kaya di bandar, baguslah tetapi saya percaya itu bukan masalah sebenar yang kita hadapi. Kalau kita menambahkan peratusan saham orang Melayu, masalah kita tetap tidak selesai juga.
Apa yang sepatutnya kita lakukan ialah menambahkan pendapatan orang Melayu secara keseluruhan terutamanya masyarakat di desa. Ini sesuatu yang tidak berjaya kita lakukan selama ini……

After 20 years DEB already tutup buku the equities of Malays still 18%. Can u imagine how this kinda could be happened? Easier to answer, the richer Malays forgot to their root. Easy hah!!! They all can get tender or contract from government pon sbb DEB atas dasar koata Bumiputera. They making a lot of money because of semangat DEB (goyang kaki n play golf).So why not share wi' others?? Maybe they all takut their properties get reduce kot….is the will-o’-the-wisp to get them to help us!!!

The question is "where do Malays go from here?"

Thursday, September 01, 2005


Letter of inquiry,reply n complaint

1. Know Your Recipient
2. Establish Your Objective
3. Determine Your Scope
4. Organize Your Points
5. Draft Your Letter
6. Close Your Letter
7. Review and Revise Your Letter

remember: - courteous
-straight to the point
-short but complete

in writing letter whether complain,reply or inquiry fo'shezzy we should be more polite,sopan2 ala lelaki melayu terakhir gitu(ceh!!!) n da word we gonna use should be as simple as we can. so below i jolt down example some of sentences(yes guyz!!!this is da bombastic sentence).

fo inquiry lettter

- i am writing to you in hopes of finding out more about..........
-i am writing this letter to ask u some question.......
-i am interested in.........


- i am highly interested...........
- my daughter will be happy if u can be badot sarkis at her besday part......


-for ur convinience,you can responce to me at MY BLOG
-you can reach me at 05-*******
-i am appreciete any assistence that you are able to provide me....

complaint letter

-i am writing this letter in regards to a mee bandung that i melantak recently from your stall.


-I am enclosing a copy of your store warranty. It states that your store will replace defective parts on a bike within the first 30 days of purchase.
- i look forward to ur reply and responce of my complaint about tragedy mee bandung masam aritu...
-your attention would be greatly appreciated.

letter of reply

-thank you for your inquiry regarding the qualification to became my mother in law(hehehe).i have much pleassure to tell that your daughter no enough cun for me........
-I am today in receipt of your kind letter in which you express an interest in our products.


- i hope u are satisfy wi' this information da da da.....
-if u may be of further assistance before then, please do not hesitate to call. I may be reached at 318-1212.
-we hope we hear from u in due course.


act saje sesuka jek post benda nie coz esok test subject English for business pastu nak test skali html code yg baru dpt~wink~.Nak study it's such a bore, tak study plak kang nanti result plak yg mmboringkan A man's gotta do wut a man's gotta do.

hopefully tomorrow i'll score,though......Amin