Saturday, March 31, 2007


HEaRt- is it mean hurt??

I am not gonna write about Indonesia's film (even i don like that film), but here i means one part of our body inside of left chest. We as human just follow our heart evendoh we know is going hurt us but as human also we merely can pray there future maybe all of our sacrifice and the love that we give away eventually we gonna reap the sweetness from it.Owh im so weak n sick.

O My Lord, plz shed ur light on my way. 2 ways is gonna be hard to me to choose but i know all in ur hand.I take refuge in You from the evil of my soul n from the evil and shirk of the devil. N i will worship my soul,my love all to u. Because You r the Creator of both of it and only You are the Creator,Ya Rabbi.Ameen

Friday, March 30, 2007



Do u wanna read the bad story about me..Do ya??Yeh it's really bad.

1st- i'd watch prison break episode 21th.
2nd-i'd watch illusionist movie
3rd- i re-watch the prestige movie

Is it bad??no it is not a sad or bad story, even it's a great movie or drama. But when the drama of me,it goes really bad.Something i not really enarmored with this.

Frankly, i'd have pre-presentation for my psm (project sarjana muda) this evening, but i'd spent the whole nite last nite watch that things.So are u read and follow me,arent u??

After i'd face the bad situation i back to my room and squirm around just like worm got into my asshole. Then i reached my finger at my other mate joystick play the 11soccer game, unfortunately the joystick gonna be hang in the middle of joyness(what's kinda people named that stuff "joy"stick!!!).it's really pissed me off and I ma really in bad condition.

what should i do??
a)call my mom say "mom look at ur poor son"
b)repair my slide at now
c)Trespassing- KLCC tower perhaps, I mean climb it.(Owh sorry, i've no political's backing behind me)
d)drop my tears

I look at scissor and then look at my wrist. Not!!i am not gonna kill myself for stupist damn dum thing!!! i juz think how fast my hand will work like scissor.

Ok,i'd done clattered my keyboard's notebook- gotta go gim-better than im become glutton. Yup, tension/depression will make someone eat more than regular.Believe me!!

Sunday, March 25, 2007



If goverment raise up police's salary to 20 percents of basic salary more than any goverment servent,it's good to malaysian especially for law-enforcement officer.

1st - it will reduce corruption
2nd- it is ridiculuos to receive income as much as 700 bucks nowaday. what things u can buy from it.
3rd - maybe police's wife yet no need sell nasi lemak,kuih muih for day's expense.
4th - for public it gain the allure of working in police department.

For the highlighted above,it was really remarkable to moot about corruption amongst minister of malaysia(ex-minister ; and im talking about the ex-minister for allegedly corruption,obviously). should malaysian pay more tax to increase their salary?

n i will surprise by all ur answer.

Saturday, March 24, 2007



I had cae's presentation for today and i think i do not prepare well for this, but lucky n pretty lucky we could handle it at all, we create the question 1st and past up those question to our friends. Of course they were crumpled to get our question becouse every question be asked they will get 2 mark. Easy hah. even u got titbit information bout my presentation but still u could create the mark.Mark it.

1. Last nite i'd watched movie's Just luck,lindsay lohan cast as ashley. This girl always been lucky compare to hero in this movie had been luckyless all times. How ultimate lucky this girl till everytimes she buy 'scratches card' she will win. and for the hero everytime he do sumetimes and everything will deteriorate. So to make a story, this girl with all her desire sexual kiss the hero in the party that had been sat up by ashley. Ashley is a promoter and ofcourse everytime she's in well-dress and make up.after the kiss the luck transfer to the hero's body and suddenly all gonna be unpredictablity, ashley and the hero became good friend with out know the hero is who she had kissed in the party, of coz the hero wear the mask (sumething like carnivale's party in venice). Until oneday she get knows that the guy is the men she been looking and she had kissed the guy for get back her lucky....juz until that i watch that movie because i have discussion for my presentation, so to anyhoo who'd already watched that movie, plz tell me till the end.

2. i don have any idea either pameran hantu and toyol will make malaysian, malay especially gonna backward. are both of these related each others, arent? But i am pretty sure that malay( or most of races) like a fantasy that whay harry porter, narnia,pochong,juon,drakula had been created."kita bertindak bukan macam koboi",menteri besar n9 quipped.

3. I've practice play deolova's song, it's quite tough to catch up the rhythm and tempo, and i wonder why.Even i'd tried to listen that song again and again but seems i struggle a lot and sweat. At last i play that song with very slowly (slow than even its orchestra's cover version). its goes...aku...ingiiiiin meeenjadi mimpi innndaaaah dalam tiiidooor muuu....till end.

3.I'd got a bad new, my classmate here had been kicked out from university. he had fired on the spot and late 5 pm yesterday several university's officer yanked and shown him the gate. I dont want to talk about his guilty here because im feel it really-really personal but i solely could say maybe ada hikmah behind this. Can u imagine after 3 years struggle with the book and u only have 1 semester to complete and 1 semester for industrial training (trainee) suddendly u'd been kicked out.throughout hogwash!! and please tell me how u feel if u got 2 smesters dean list for engineering course and its not help u defends urself due university's court.When you get letter "anda dipecat" u gotta problem to enroll any IPTAs, every IPTAs will ban u.But still,i will pray for u dude for ur better future out there elsewhere.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007



I never ever satisfy in my life. its not from me but analysised by a lot of my friends. im still thinking about it. i cant deny it. if i have 1, and after i wanna make it 2, 3, 4 and...bla bla. But for what, it is caused by my internal force or external force.

Internal force : did i too desire to make hefty thing,didnt i? as a lahiriah, it is normal for human unsatisfy about himself.
External force: People easily influenced by the other's perception about life. Men dont wear pink color juz becouse pink is means for girlish. For men whom enter the border, they will called as mak nyah or baby ice. In this case poeple will see u as big bouncer if u have a lot(talent,mooney,honeys,fat-food, cooolest and etc).

Pupils wanna get more A's in spm become as phenomenon nowaday. They basically could only 12 subject and the rest of it basically and theoritically least useful for their knowledges.

For Example when i'd have Syariah and Al-Quran Sunnah Subject there not need to get Tasawwur Islam. Ofcourse la they will get A for tasawwur, but for what reason.Once again i asks myself (perhaps u all also), it is form internal force or external force or both though?

1.while ago when i hanging out in Mall i saw the men who wore chunky clothes clinging on his body. Malaysian is quite hot to wear that stuff but he still do it. The other Malaysians may not bother on it(maybe it become usual to us) but for mat saleh(of course with only sandal reveal his toes) who are 1st time being at malaysia they might think "how crazy this people in that clothes". So, here obviously 2 perception between 2 amongst difference people. Which one we gonna takes, outside perception(mat saleh) or inside perception(malaysian)?

2. I got bad cough lately, but i still used ice as my main drink. One thing i had about coughing it will interrupt the focus in the class. Not my focus but my friends focus. Everytime i start cough they will glimpse at me, and i yank them back with another continuos coughing. But dont worry i'd already got my cough's medicine from unit kesihatan and yet i be ready to be soo sleepy after i digest that one.

3.Her excuse was that she missed her cat, Bubu. Welcome back to AF5(the organiser still do not satisfying about thier sms's and air mata's collection). So people out there plz prerequisite with couple of box of tisues because even the principle told to the press no more nite tears again but 1st concert revealed more than that(i aint watch it just follow the press's report). With arrangement of music like funfair standard what we wanna expect more from this. But plz be patience is not called Akademi Fantasiaa if there is no 'unexpected' momment will happend future. wait n see and plz drink ur coffee (coffee is good for sex and produce a lot of tears, i guess)

4. Insyallah (i'll try my best) to update my blog as sekerap as mungkin.Hold it !

current listening: hati emas by kembara

Tuesday, March 20, 2007



Maybe Fatimah's family ex-teacher(lecturer??) af have to read this..
Baru tiga tahun belajar bahasa Melayu – Olga
Gadis Rusia juara pidato BM

maybe this family could send thier bootifool daughters to BM class to study and get deep learning about Bahasa Melayu intuitively.


"I didn't mean all women. I was referring to Indon journalist" Tengku Adnan regarding all bloggers are liar and most of them are female unemployee. who's the Indon journalist??



what love??

yup, im quite long time inactive blogging bcoz busying focus on my PSM. And i will share with u amusing anecdote i'had finished and completed it beyond the schedule and now im juz preparing for presentation part. The problem i will face for next sem for my PSM, at FKM lab still didnt have layout(via autoCAD) about CNC machine,there juz have conventional machine layout. Therefore i do not expert in outoCAD software while i have to master it before graduate,it will gonna throw me into big problem next year.

Love is still sustain in my life now even i try to pretend its longer breeth in my atmosphere rite now. But it come witout recommended and suddenly, how we could deny it,dude. i am juz follow my instict, and i understand love is sumething we couldnt expect and totally out of our fantacies. we maybe think we want that kind of love but at the end up we got this kind of love, who's we are to manage it?? love is acceptable which way is called love.refusal on that matter will bring u suffering in your heart. we love, and that love always in strangest path....and oppsss what aku mengarut ni??

Last wikend i get one new pair of basketball shoes, basically not my intent to cop that shoe pun. But it suddenly come out into my mind in the middle of window shooping. It's not merely pair of shoes but i'd copped 1 boxer and one new shirt. In that sort of the blinking, i saw the marvelous t-shirt, not expensive but its looked like rudimentary italian.By hook by crook, i still could restrain my self from nab anything else there. In another hand it irresistible to play basketball with new shoes after hour u'd bought it,

i got bad cough...gotta go.

Friday, March 16, 2007


During i climbed up the stair to my room and at the same time mak cik cleaner in GREEN uniform told me softly " hati-hati nak licin ni". She had mobbed the floor of the stair. At the moment i had hset insulted in my hand typing sms. then i reply reflectively " terima kasih mak cik, nasib baik mak cik ingatkan, kalo tak menonggeng sy jatuh nanti, ni la pasal ralit sgt taip sms" rather than i say "what a bummer!!get off from my way", thank God my mouth still dunnot insist to that way . After i reached into my room, im keeping asks myself how we are always forget to say thanks u, especially to person who we gonna think lowest than we are(who we are to think we are at treetops??).we always say thank to person who we think should be thanked for political intent. we thank to our cikgu, lecturer, VIP, YB because merely for make them feel apprecited by us. And maybe for future, we earn something from it. When i burst out about it means i means to me!!! how hippocracies i am. it's called cunning?

Wednesday, March 14, 2007



Com on,let's see the collision of diff fikr between saif dan tehran, who's big bounce??? one that konon2nya get the syariah degree from UM and one get the degree from Jordan. came out with the same root, love writing art, both growth up from BADAR.

tehrani sells the "crank" and want the saif buy who's us between them both??
a)Pembaca yg tak tau apa2
b)pembaca yg buat palatau
c)pembaca yg sprt lalang
d)and termasuk dlm gol pro-syiah, wahabi,ASWJ

bacaan lanjut:
majalah I islam edisi terbaru mengenai Syiah yg byk memetik kitab2 oleh Kulaini


Siapa yang Pak Hangguk?

Hari ini sudah 2 kali aku mengunjungi pejabat unit kediaman kolej bagi meminta penjelasan mengenai masalah ketiadaan air daripada pihak pengetua. Apa yang pasti ini aku kira agak kronik diikuti dengan cuaca yang amat terik sekali. Kepastian yang memang masalah air ini berpunca daripada empangan air yang memang cetek itu sudah pasti(masalah saluran tersumbat pasir) cuma aku ingin mendapatkan penjelasan mengenai bila bekalan air ini akan pulih dan juga meminta kebenaran supaya pihak Universiti unlock kembali pili bomba bagi memudahkan pelajar untuk menggunakan air. Bayangkan dengan kemudahan 4 tangki statik yang kecil tetapi ingin digunakan oleh sebuah kolej kediaman, logikkah??

aku : bagaimana?
staff: guna shj,tak boleh buat apa2.
aku :Bagaimana jika bekalan habis
staff: ada no. pengetua, no. timbalan pendaftar?
aku : ada
staff: bagitau mereka, ckp bekalan sudah habis
aku :bagaimana jika buka pili bomba
staff: itu kena berurusan dgn pihak PPH
aku (dlm hati) : sudah tentu kalo aku jumpa pihak PPH mereka juga kata bukan bdg kuasa mereka.Jumpa HEP.
aku: ramai pelajar, silap2 dr kolej kediaman lain juga menumpang mandi. mesti crowded.
staff: itu pandai2 awak la,xkan sy nak ajar kot caranya.
aku: sy dtg sini utk mendapat jalan penyelesaian, bagaimana kita boleh mengatasi masalah ini encik(keras aku sedikit)
staff: maaflah kita tak boleh buat apa, namun macam tu lah. jika tak ada air, bagitau pengetua. Air tu kita beli tu.

(pkl 6 ptg aku menghantar sms kpd tuan pengetua menyatakan bahawa bekalan air di tangki statik sudah habis. dan amat malang pengetua menyatakan bahawa pihak Jabatan pengairan tak dpt dtg utk menghantar bekalan air)

Aku sudah muak mendengar pertanyaan dari freshy " bang bila bekalan nak ada balik", aku hanya sambut dengan senyuman. Ingin sahaja aku membalas tanya shj lah pada MPP yg kamu pilih itu. Menisfesto penuh berbunga-bunga dan berenda-renda, bila ditanya mengenai masalah ini dan itu, mudah shj menjawap nanti aku ajukan kepada pihak atasan. Mahu shj aku jawap "aku bukan mahukan penjelasan, aku mahukan penyelesaian, setakat sebuah pertanyaan aku sendiri boleh ajukan". Puas aku berkempen secara senyap supaya nama sekian-sekian tidak diundi semasa pilihanraya yg lepas tetapi kamu undi juga. Tanyalah kepada sesiapa yg penah berpesatuan dengan YDP ini dan bagaimana prestasinya dlm kerja. Dan terus terang aku katakan sepanjang 3 tahun aku di alam campus dan setahun di alam matrikulasi inilah YDP yang paling teruk yg pernah aku lihat.Teringat kata2 pengetua kolej di salah sebuah kolej kediaman UTM bahawa badan Jawantakuasa Pelajar bukan badan pendesak tetapi badan yang membantu unit kolej kediaman. Tetapi siapakah yg badan yg sepatutnya mendesak, harapkan badan Pak Hangguk?

Aku melapangkan masa menonton perdebatan akhir utk merebut piala pusingan NC, pada peringkat awalnya aku tidak berkesempatan utk menontonya pada minggu lepas. Aku juga terlepas utk menghadiri ceramah oleh al-Fadhil Dr Muhammad Uthman el-Muhammady pada minggu lepas. Aku biasanya menghadiri majlis2 begitu dan mengambil tempat duduk agak trsorok dan terkebelakang, kerana aku suka begitu sambil melihat gelagat manusia. Aku kira tajuk debat akhir agak kurang umppp utk level peringkat akhir. Tetapi byk juga isi2 yg baik. Cuma kurang kata2 yg bersifat jargon dan flamboyan. Pengucapan yg retorik itu kurang(namun aku tidak kata aku bagus,aku hanya reti megkritik,hehe=P). Ambil shj contoh pengucapan umum atau pidato Sukarno, atau lihat shj ucapan-ucapan Anwar Ibrahim. Penuh dgn kata-kata retorik.

Bacaan lanjut boleh lihat majalah Dewan Bahasa edisi Januari. Khas membincangkan kata2/ucapan retorik.


Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Basically aku xberminat sgt with this kinda virus, forward question, tagged or sort of thing. but suddenly i think that tat mean sumeone wanna know (or if they dont, at least they remember me rite). The anticipitation of the feeling swing in my mind to do this. so this n3 is special for Pawana Malam

1) TIDUR- i can sleep at 10 pm,11 pm,12 am, 1 am, 2 am ,3 am...i can sleep at anytime except after asar because after i wake up i will feel headche and moron.

2) SEMULAJADI - i love idyllic place, n my love will increase proprotional to how much the place keeps natural.ut world nowadays has deteriorated rapidly with war, nuclear reaction, greenhouse effect and so on. so come join me save the world as better place for human=P.

3) KUCING- i hate kucing as much as possible...but i still try to love this kind of animal as possible as i can.

4) MENANGIS- usually i kinda touchable person. i can feel the feeling of the other person, somewho in the trouble life or patehtic sight.

5) KATA KATA- i am not really good in playing with word, but i know how to express it on the track so people can getchit. i speak english to person who ready for it, and i speak malay most to malay people and to people yg kerek cakap BI " sorry sir i cant speak english, could we use in bahasa coz every malaysian can understand, what do ya think sir?"

6) LAJU- i am driving too much crazy. to do work speedy. i play game fast to the end.I hate to be slowly.I work out,but in this case i am more slowly because i wanna feel the excitement and enjoyble of my muscle to feel the stress and strain. Dude, believe me sumetimes u should move slowly because in this way u can feel how irresistible of this life. And with slowness u could keep genuinely and firmly in control.

Sunday, March 04, 2007



satu perkara yg aku terlupa dan mungkin juga buat-buat lupa tentang satu tabiat aku. Tabiat aku ini yg dahulunya menjadi habit sudah tidak menjadi sebahagian dr jiwaku lagi.

apabila aku pergi atau berada di sesuatu tempat, aku akan cuba utk mengenali dan berjumpa dgn seberapa byk manusia.

tapi kini (semenjak mempelajari ilmu aplikasi sains secara total) org yg menjaga kaunter di perpustakaan, malah mak chik cleaner di aras aku pun aku tidak kenali.

jadi langkah pertama aku, kenali mak chik cleaner di aras aku!!!