Monday, July 31, 2006


search with sms

Hi guys. The meeting that I told you b4 you know'd went to very excellent, achieve da target. Prof Nordin what could saw happy and satisfy about the commitment from judgers. I'd learnt a lot and a lot of thang. More to relationship figure at the meeting, they way you should give opinion, the don'ts and the do's, everythin is precious learning.

This morning is held the simulation of the opening/launching of ceremony. I am not involvin' at all, too sedentary, just attend and do what they ask (Im skips that event between 10-12pm, dtg sebab nak makan free. The chicken rice is pretty nice). Actually at the day (12 and 13) I am more relating to judging field. I've to set up judger's meeting, audit the mark, and make a certification list and so on. I got the instinct of course me myself and my team do not sleep until 1 am at da day.

Finish about the progress.

Search will launch their latest album, Gothic Malam Edan. Sign for Malaysian rock will brew again. More hard compore to previous album. No Isabella, gadisku,rozana's type. They go to their basic, genuine rock and roll(of course more headbangings). No ballads and no melancholic. Yup, search is one of my favorite bands. They like aerosmith and rolling stone and U2 at their on style. Amy with his strong sexy aura could make any godish-godish chick's heart keep beating fast and agogo. Hillary Ang, the original line up for guitarist assemble again make the sound greater. Tracks like Memoria Anna, Gothik Malam Edan, Yin & Yang will make da heart attack-suffer will go early. What's better than search...


It might be the strong evidence I am the lazy person who replies the sms. Just before my finger'd danced at the keypad of my hset and accidentally ter-press msg counter.

Sent msg = 771
Received msg = 2320

Started count from March 2006.

note shah:
sekali lagi rakan kecialku akan masuk semula ke hospital menjalani ujian kali kedua. dan semoga ia bukanlah penyakit itu. walaupon dia tak sehat namun suaranya masih seperti dulu, cara dia memanggil nama aku sama spt dulu dan membuatkan aku tersenyum.semoga dia cepat sembuh utk terus mengikuti

betapa seolah2 cubaan dilonggokan dunia
keatas mu,
tapi hatimu masih membara, seperti dulu
meskipon kau tidak seperti dulu,
dan kita dikelilingi oleh ingatan yg tidak terbilang
aku di sini,aku di sini dan masih di sini.

p/s: lastly, i can make a post at the end after couple of days struggling with poor interenet~ triumph

Tuesday, July 25, 2006



After try my new bicycle (yg baru gak pancit), make a note for Manufacturing Engineering's subject (quiz tomorrow) and got da shower,laying on my bed wi' da mug of nescafe...

Today is the 1st RAKSI for this semester. I am conducting 12 junior which half of them diploma student and the rest is degree. Not really difficult, I am be awed by them but we are still enjoying (seem they were frolickin' but I dun know either is just pretendin' or not) the activity and I make decision to make it as fast as possible bcoz I'd other matter with esement, project proposal and quiz for tomorro. My junior got their a lot of esement too tonite. They told la and dun know if they'd lie to me.

Since da new semester is begun I am totally in hectic and messy life (am i??). Our rekacipta and inovasi competiton is going fluently and thanks to Dinie (my boss), Hisham, Intan and Baini as well as En. Rahman (our mentor) that give full of their hands. These muka2 la that always full fill and sumetimes make it look like crowded in HEP's office. This Thursday our 1st panel hakim meeting will be held at bilik mesyuarat eksekutif LUP, evendo I am da person who in charge in judging part I couldn't attend the meeting from the start bcoz got a class be4 (one of that hakim is my lecturer dat day). Actually the meeting seems going to be messy up at the start. Some outside judgers couldn't attend caused of busy and come out with others reason but at the end they said okay if the meeting start at 10 am. But the problem is almost inside judgers have a class at 10 am. I realize that's not a lot to go on after, so Mr. Rahman and I make a decision if anythin else will happen the meeting must be run follow the intent. No excuses!!! What was more start from last week I am too busy keep out of the progress of this meeting. Asks this person do the menu, book the ticket's flight, face off several (weird maybe) of attitude of hakim-hakim and so on. But one thing that I can't deny, I like that. I like the busy life rather than gloomy and bore life.

Wanna write about the gory details about other stories but I am so dizzy and going to lady gd nite.(today I couldn't help myself drifting off whole one lecture class. )

Note shah:

memisahkan diri aku dr brsifat simpati dan kesian amatlah sukar bg aku(yup aku mmg mudah memahami perasaan org lain). kdg kala utk aku mengatakan tidak pd sesuatu perkara yg tidak aku sukai juga amat sukar.aku cuba utk bersifat selfish,namun bila makin kuat aku mencuba makin lemah diri aku menahannya. walaupon begitu masih ramai yg mengatakan aku ini jenis yg bersifat manipulasi. akukah yg perasan?? tetapi aku merasakan bahawa aku perlu lebih dinamik lg selepas ini.

Sunday, July 23, 2006


IE's EsEmEnT

Suppose that your university hires an IE to help it become more efficient and more effective. For such an environment, which of the activities would be of the greatest importance? Defend your answer with a logical argument.

We think we have to improve our data system, its mean ICT center. All data in the university will be saving in ICT center. So we think we have the strong reason why we have to improve the ICT center.

First of all, when we improve the system all data will up-dated occasionally. Of course if we use the common procedure it will take a time. We have to find out the old data file and replace it with the new one. So if one day there has 100 of the up-dated data, there will be a problem to open up the old file and absolutely it could be messy up and at the end some mistake will be happened.

Besides that, when we improve the ICT center all people in that organization (University) can get the latest information early and fast. For example if we want to spread out the good new such as our victory or vanity in certain field if we use old-fashion way (paper, bulletin board etc) it will take a long time, maybe its spend half or one day whole. But if we try to improve our system in such a way of memo and on-line bulletin, no need to spend time and more people to do this task. There need just one person to conduct the on-line bulletin and all people could reach it (information) easily.

On the other hand, with improvement of ICT system it is could reduce the bureaucracy- barrier. For example if someone want to book a place such as meeting room, that person have to meet one person and sometimes he have to go to another person. Often, that person has to reach one department to the other department too. So with the on-line booking system, he just clicks at the button, and all things will work easily. If the place had been booked by some one the person will get the feedback on the time, no need to wait and refer back to another person-in charge.

And of course with the pinnacle of the ICT system it will reduce the usage of paper and stationary (paperless). So the cost had been cut and we could save the budget in effective way. Besides that, with the helping of the good ICT system we could reduce the valuable time to do the unnecessary task such as pile in and out data file, too many redundant work-force and etc.

As conclusion, if we could improve our ICT system its will help the university to control the data management and easily to conduct and survey the structure of the organization, so at the end it will increase the productivity and running the university in efficient and more effective way.

p/s: actually this is the rough for my essay assignment submit by this Monday. The industrial engineering's subject. I am juz typing down what's glimpse thru into ma mind. So perhaps I could do touch up lil'bit ah more later. Else, I am also register for critical thinking with literature's subject. In that has drama, poem, pop culture and so on. So i've had to find out the strength of bahasa-bahasi in myself yg dah berkarat ni.

Note shah:
Hidup ini kadang-kala menjadi tunggang langgang jika tiada keutamaan dlm hidup. Pandangan dari sudut berbeza juga menjadi salah satu element terpenting dlm diri. Tetapi jika kita terlalu obses utk menuntut kpd sudut pandangan berbeza juga kadang kala menjadi masalah. Begitu juga dgn masalah retrospektif, terlalu obses sehingga terlupa adakah hidup akan lebih terasa puas jika melalui jalan yg mudah. Kita tidak tahu esok hari, tempuhi sahaja. Mungkin sedikit bekalan memadai. Adakah hidup aku terlalu berkeceramuk, hingga lupa apa itu erti keutamaan.Lupakan apa itu org kata.Apa2 pun perlu tenang diri. Self-control. Aku cuba bermonolog~

Sunday, July 16, 2006


FLu, HouSe N BooK

Today I got a very bad flu, it's make me seems pentoi today. I'd waked up early morning and wanna go to Astaka at beginning but flu-barrier make me surrender. Lastly I got 1 tables of Actifed and slept over da whole day. In de evening I made a long tiring walk to my "rent house", I am wanted to sleep there for the 1st time. The conditions of house pretty dust and plus my "hyper non- active" nose it make me had uncomfortable. I got pain in my back shoulder too.

"Disability is a part of person's individuality"

I am seems keen to finish my reading "no one's perfect": autobiography by Hirotada Ototake, a very disabled child had born with no arms and leg!! H. Ototake reviewed in this book experince from his childhood till now. How his parent accept the "gift" wi' de open hand and all the hurdles that faced by them like elementary school enrollment, a sedentary involving, sturdy child with limited- activities by himself but he done very well. What I am interested in this story is how the Japanese accept the disabled person around them. One situation the others kid parents thank to the teacher (Takagi sensei and Oka sensei) because being the Oto-chan in the same class with their child. It gives a lesson to their children how to be generous and help people among them. And it gives a boost to their children to work more harder. Last but not the end Ototake had succeed wrote his disability as a strong point and become success person like others normal person. Struggling and determination what I can say is written all over him.


Rite now, I try to read and read a book as many as possible. Mungkin terpengaruh ngn pak khalid and pak rostam kot. Tapi tak lah sampai ade library kecil kat toilet cam pak khalid.

Note shah:
Aku masih pening memikirkan pasal PSM (projek sarjana muda) aku ini. Tarikh penghantaran (due date) adalah dalam minggu ke-7. aku masih tiada idea apa bakal aku buat utk PSM nanti. Mungkinkah aku cuma terima sahaja cadangan dari pensyarah aku? Tapi pening-pening aku pon masih sempat mengkhatam komik "remember" oleh benjamin,hiauuuw ~

Friday, July 14, 2006



Tonite I didn't expect dat having a mandarin's class because nobody assures the class will be held tonight. But last minute got a call and I'll be rushing for my 1st class mandarin (hua wen ban) for this semester. Seriously I get the extremely hungry, my tummy just loaded with kerepok lekor I bought at the tea time in de evening.

Ok let's go to review my 1st class. My Chinese lecturer we call as cai lao shi. Tonite just briefing about mandarin language, how it became the 1st language for china (maharaja shi Huang Tee if I am not mistaken) and so on. Caused of very difficult to da world to master this mandarin, the China try to simplify the mandarin's writing (sebelum ni mmg berkotak2 giler n then skg tak complicated sgt dah). Then, they'd invented what they call "pin yin", it is mean the mandarin's word we could write in roman. Sheng mu for consonant and yun mu for the vocal (a e o i u). There have 4 tones for vocal. Dun get me wrong, even I learn mandarin but still it didn't yield an inch that way of my thinking that Bahasa Melayu must to be priority for Malaysian in every field.

Tomorro flight my mum will be hurled to Sabahan, my brother's house. Not for visiting but for become as baby sitter for my brother's daughter because my brother's maid comeback to their homeland 2 weeks becoz her daughter wills marriage (Giler take for 2 week buat kenduri kawin!!!). I ain't to touch about the kenduri- kendara but to tell the truth, I dun like my brother had to do to my mum something that I pray that I'll dun do da same thing soooon, future. Wonder if they dun have any grandiose idea about that, they can send it off to nursery or pinjam la maid member2 kejap or so. i cant imagine how my mum will conduct 2 lil'cute galz who both act like princess and how whining my mum face the naugtiness of'em.This is the 2nd time my bro does the same thing. Dun get me wrong I dun have any problem with my bro, we are still lay intact ape, but in this case I dun like da way he treat my mum.

I still rely on my medicine that I couldn't sure it is helping me a lot or just as placebo- placebo effect. Maybe it more to psychology control, I thought.

Wan an, zai jian

note shah:
minggu minds yg lalu aku kenal dgn seorg fasi perempuan. Bagaimana aku kenal dgn dia?? aku selalu tak perasan manusia disekeliling aku. satu lg kelemahan aku ialah utk mengingat nama org (aku pasti akan perbaiki kedua2nya). aku lihat dia beseorgn duduk di belakang astaka, lalu aku menyapa dan duduk disebelahnya. Ada sesuatu yg pelik di dalam dirinya yg membuatkan aku ingin mengenali dia dgn lebih dekat. Ahhh..dia memang pelik.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006



"Engineering = the creative art of applying science for the benefit of humanity"

Howdy, Yesterday nite I'd read jijo's blog . I dun know where he exactly has been study now but I guess somewhere in Europe. I saw from his picture behind him like aswad, so I assumed at Russia or maybe somepart at Ireland. Of course he took medic study, my members usually if they go abroad of coz about medic except da only one Mamat take engineering at UK (Biol dia ni). Couple month ago I'd mingled around at TC's pasar malam and accidently met several of friends, Kimmy quite surprise because I am here.

+wey aku ingat ko kat oversea. Ko study kat mana skg?
-aku study kat sini la (something I never flaunt at the beginning)
+Bukan ke ko kat oversea
-Takde la, maybe xde rezeki kot.I am here and study kat sini pon ok ape

Argh!!! I never think that I'll stick at bumi Malaysia take engineering course (the course I never dream) for my 1st degree. I am always dreaming that I'll play with snow when winter come over, pick up the flower in full blossom. But dream is just a dream, you could undo the times. Right now just go on, achieve your own goal dude. And please stop to OPEN and READ fs or blog that related to oversea's study story, it will hum you. Sini pon GEMPAK ape!!!

I got the new rommie!!! i asks him why he dun wanna take medic course, he reply back he's not interested. he got 4.00 in matrix. so i suppose to syukur albeit i couldn't take medic course but maybe this is the rite way fo' me, aite??

Note shah:
Roommate aku mmg seorg yg tersangat bijak, terasa diri amat segan duduk sebilik dgn beliau. Di Kolej aku pelajar yang mengambil jurusan kejuruteraan kimia bioteknologi adalah memang seorg yg bijak jika hendak dibandingkan dengan jurusan kejuruteraan yg lain. Pointer mereka semua adalah 3.75 ke atas.Kamu semua boleh menjangkakan betapa bijaknya golongan ini apabila baru masuk 2 hari kelas bermula dia telah meminjam 3 buah buku mengenai biology dan microbilogy (yg tebalnya 3 inche) dr perpustakaan. Aku pulak masih terkial-kial meng "convert" unit SI kepada unit U.S unit~

Sunday, July 09, 2006



"Friends like a chocolate. We will be addicted at the end"

You know guys for the whole 1 month I try to find out someone who named with Azie. Because for me she is mysterious, I could predict who she is. Look at her friendster, asks friend and so. But at the end I did it. She's just in front of me.

back to ma childhood memory. I know one sweet girl, I think,called syuhaida. She is sweet, energetic, stout (i never ever see she's drop a tears)and talkative. Still, I remember the tragedy "mihun sup and air sirap" that happened to me. I think others couldn't react like what she had had reacted at that time. She is so "selamba kodok". Still, we have a memory read and messy up "one" magazine at her father rear back car. Berebut Karion kaler that I am used to paint house picture. I am so and so miss da moment. Until the day I'd had lost her forever, she was gone from my life. The last day she in my school, da teacher gives her chances to give a last talk, but I am too noisy chit chat at the back and I know she looked at me. And what da worse I never give her the last words, I'd do like nothing happen at the day. But I am crying the whole nite after (I am like like as thug who feel really regret!!!)
In life we always miss something albeit that thing just around and belongings us.

Hehe...I am so drama tonite,sorry. Congrads to Leen bcoz she finally step into USM's door. Kak Ngah and Abg Ngah hantar daftar last Sunday. Jgn ekau cari bf banyak2 kat sana sudah.

Juz this for da day. Have many story wanna share but ma friend nak pinjam ini laptop sikijap.

Note shah:
Kolej aku telah membuat ketetapan tidak membenarkan pelajar memakai seluar pendek. Aku harap perkara tersebut tidaklah berlanjutan kerana ia akan menyukarkan aku yg sudah "habit" dgn seluar pendek ke mana-mana shj.seluar pendek aku tidaklah terlalu pendek kerana masih menutup paras lutut. Jauh di sudut hati aku mengharapkan seniyur-seniyur semua melanggar peraturan tersebut (ini bukan hasutan, sekadar luahan perasaan). Bukankah undang-undang itu hanyalah di atas kertas, omel seorg Hakim~

Saturday, July 08, 2006


3 weEkZ

I am sorry guys, quite long long tyme da not jolt or leave a messages herre. I am quite busy wi' minggu orientasi pelajar baru plus ma life totally hectic (ma seluar slack 3 weeks didn't wash at all). Many story to share but limited tyme to scramble too.

Seriously I hate this part, I am kinda dislike to be di "rokol" and at da same time dislike to "rokol". I'd believe sumething must built up with love, care and respect. da more you give da more you get (remember the thermodynamics Principe get and give!!). but I am mistaken in this situation, I think other people same thought wi' me but I am wrong. Samer people we have to show our ego and outstanding to make 'em respect (or takut maybe lebih sesuai) with us. Thus,They, little bit recoil back after at all. But honestly I hate this rokol part though.

Bla bla...

Food sumertimes ok and sumertymes not. I wonder but shy to rise up the question why fasi's hunk of meal should have di "polisterin" kan.

Tired and exhausted, 1st day for minds totally tired, faced parents's attitude and at the meantime got tombol and keys's problem.

Fire drill. The program not totally in program and is not success as we hope. Mr. Azazi not satisfies in the end of the training.

"tooot". Some problem got and created by "tooot".

*tooot bcoz realy sensitive ma to relate n talkabout

To many people and too many opinions and occasionally da opinion at the same meaning but still wanna debat instead of at that tyme we could make resolusi but we just blathering and prattling but not yet frenzy. And I am not as part of debater.

Gotta go~got the other business dude.

Note shah:
Aku belajar satu perkara bahawa emosi dan semangat kita bukanlah selalu pada tahap yg maksimum.semangat mudah patah tetapi ia senang utk tumbuh kembali. Aku melihat bahawa amat perlu kita mendekati dan mencari perkara2 yg positif disekeliling kita. Ia dapat mempengaruhi semangat kita. Aku pelajari perkara ini mlm td~